Libra Child — Leo Parent

The bright and powerful energy of Leo makes Libra more restrained. The Lion is absorbed in its children’s spontaneity, while Libra modestly sidesteps. While Leo gets the main role, he shows generosity, helping newcomers. As a parent, Leo is like a benevolent lord who lavishes gifts, raising the spirit of his subjects. This alignment suits Libra - it is not in their nature to fight for position, and thanks to the charm they find themselves in the warmest rays of Love of the Lion.

Both Libra and Leo desperately need approval from others. Small Libra tend to be as flexible as possible, amiable and accommodating, so it’s no surprise that they are so popular. On the other hand, Leo wants not so much to please, as to earn recognition by his talents; His style of behavior is designed to attract admiring glances.

Leo Mother — Libra Child

A warm and generous Lioness manages to inspire Libra with a sense of well-being. Maybe in her house there will not be rules once and for all, because Lions love a life full of surprises, but there will be a solid, fair discipline that will help the child gain self-confidence, which means it is easier to make decisions. Impressive Lioness teaches her child to be strong and active - she does not have time for charming couch potatoes.

Lioness will want to target her son to something that for some reason she did not manage herself. But the mother must act cautiously, without forcing him to do what he does not need. The Libra baby can suppress her own desires in order to please the mother and deserve her love, especially if she feels her approval. Mothers need to convince the child more often that he is loved, and gently help him to go his own way. Both of them like luxury - at least in small things. Both know how to enjoy a vacation or a vacation: Lioness adores the sun, and Libra likes to lie lazily on the sand.

This mother believes that in life it is most important to win, to be the best and to be in the center of attention. Well, the Libra-child believes that everyone should be equal and equally happy. He is not at all ambitious, but his success in society pleases him. They both like to be in public. True, the mother should try not to concentrate on everyone’s attention.

The lioness will show firmness, if he finds out the child’s signs of spleen, will stop any attempt at disobedience and will not allow him to command others. But she will be pleased with any of his attempts to calm or reconcile others. Leo mom will try to widen the horizons of her child and give space to his imagination. Next to such a mother, the world will open for Libra with the most amazing aspects!

Leo Father — Libra Child

Leo dad will not tolerate any stupid things: he knows how to be strict when his Libra child becomes too demanding or capricious. But such a father will be able to help a child become more determined and enterprising. He is able to awaken in him an interest in leadership and pull it out of any laziness. But the father must always be fair. If he becomes too rude to demonstrate his strength, it can turn against him, forcing Libra to acquire such traits of character as servility or secrecy.

Father will expect much from his child, relying on the living mind of Libra. Of course, he too can claim the right to be heard by others. True, Leo’s father, who is accustomed to always be on top, will repulse everyone who tries to intercept the attention that he himself counted on. Leo must forget about the feeling of self-importance, when next to him Libra. This child needs to instill self-confidence, as well as independence, which will require a lot of time and effort from the father.

The Lion uses the most unusual methods, engaged in the upbringing or education of a child. He is also strong in practical advice, and this will help Libra find firm ground underfoot, especially when it comes to making decisions. In response, the Libra child will try to make his father pleasant, giving him to feel that he is loved and respected. He himself would have wanted it!

Libra loves luxury and beautiful things. A successful father will try to ensure that his child has everything he wants, and he will certainly appreciate his father’s generosity. They like to exchange ideas, and they both have a fairly resourceful nature, which implies frequent communication.

Leo is confident that he will be able to inspire his child to succeed, but he should not put too much pressure on him, forcing him to take responsibility, which he is not ready for. And do not expect that his child will be ideal... Well, with Libra, a teenager, all the more do without rudeness and diktat. In general, Leo does not have to impose anything on Libra, but the encouragement and support of a loving father will always be the best gift to his child.

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