Pisces Child — Leo Parent

The fiery nature of the Lion and the habit of Pisces to swim in the general flow in the relationship of such a parent and child create a very humid climate. The temperature is increased by the Lion, who sometimes wants to push the Pisces to action, but the Pisces manages to slip aside. Leo is able to tolerate this for a long time, but then loses patience, and a thunderstorm breaks out. And as soon as it ends, the sun appears, and warm feelings are restored, for the Lion and the Pisces sincerely love each other.

In essence, the Lion and the Pisces idealize each other: Pisces bow to the creative abilities of the Leo and his self-expression, and Leo notes in the child the uniqueness that he values. The lion can see the beauty of his Pisces child and wants the whole world to see her: the Lion has high hopes, and the Pisces follow his example, because they too are looking for a wonderful and extraordinary in life. But Leo’s parent will have to restrain himself and not expect that Pisces will realize his dreams. Fishes know how to justify other people’s hopes and live as people advise, later come to their senses and discover that in fact they have very different needs and desires.

Leo Mother — Pisces Child

Leo mom makes the life of the little Pisces brighter, not sparing for her neither praise, nor love and affection. But Lioness should not push too hard on his child, demanding from him every success, because he does not have the energy and ambition of his mother. It is a thin little person with artistic abilities and too developed imagination, which sometimes makes her suffer.

The mother wants her child to do everything that she herself could not. Pisces has a wide range of interests, but do not force her to do what she thinks is necessary for her. If such a child is overloaded, he will begin to defend his "I" by simply escaping from his deeds. He just needs to help decide what he likes and what does not. Lioness often takes the right to manage the life of her child, but this way she can deprive the Pisces of the desire to do something on its own.

Pisces avoids all difficulties and does not like to be imposed on anything. She has a gentle character and a very sympathetic soul, and she completely lacks the determination of her mother. Sometimes she is too shy, although, after growing up, she can become more sociable and bold.

Lioness likes to meet people and prefers to be in the spotlight. In her manners there is something defiant - she likes to look spectacular. Well, Pisces is often calm and, I must say, charming. Leo mom should teach the child to his very secular life gradually and also give him the opportunity to shine something. She will have to tame her temper somewhat, as the outbreak of maternal anger is sensitive. The Pisces is going through too painfully. But any angry words will be forgotten and forgiven, when Lioness will change his anger at mercy, giving his child that fervent love that only the Lions are capable of.

Leo Father — Pisces Child

The mighty Lion has a hot heart and knows how to love, but there is too much rigidity in him. When a small Pisces does something wrong, the father talks to her in an imperious and imperative tone, believing that strictness and discipline are in the child’s best interest. And he responds in such a way that he is so upset and unhappy that he then experiences it, for a long time secluded in himself.

The lion wants his children to be at everything on top, and believes that rigidity can achieve this. Well, if the Pisces is not positioned to become such as he wants? She has completely different goals, and she does not have his determination and enterprise at all. On the contrary, it is gentle, dreamy and artistic. And besides, it’s also indecisive. All this is difficult for the father to understand, who knows what he wants, and knows how to take it from life. Pisces does not value material well-being and is ready to become a poor but happy artist, whereas the father would prefer that she hold an enviable position, for example, in a bank.

Pisces can well succeed, in the ordinary sense of the word, if it is more to praise. The less displeasure in her address, the more she tries. She also needs recognition of her imagination, creativity, caring and idealism. Well, the fact that there is little enthusiasm and no focus, so she herself knows about this and often prefers to go with the flow, trusting fate.

Probably, sometimes she will fail, but shouts here will not help. She really wants everything to be good, and she has no serious reasons for wrong actions. Perhaps, Pisces just stopped trying, feeling that it is too much pressure.

She does not like to upset her father and therefore does not always tell him the truth in order to avoid quarrel. When such a thing is discovered by Leo, he becomes enraged. But he needs to understand that behind these tales, there is rarely anything bad. Little Pisces do not want to say something that is unpleasant to others, and even more to your father. However, with all understanding, firm leadership is not canceled, since this child needs to know what is good and what is bad.

The Pisces can benefit greatly from the influence of the father if he teaches her to believe in herself the way he does himself. She will appreciate his generosity and kindness, which are sometimes not too noticeable for the external rudeness. Well, Leo will always note the dedication and responsiveness of his child.

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