Sagittarius Child — Leo Parent

Sagittarius’s speedy performance and Leo’s cheerfulness merge, illuminating these relationships. The Lion admires the playfulness of little Sagittarius, not at all embarrassed by his antics. In the end, Leo reasoned, why live if you can not prove yourself? Therefore, Sagittarius is free to indulge all its weaknesses, without fear of punishment. As a parent, Leo wants to see in the child manifestations of individuality, and himself belongs to the signs of fire, he is particularly susceptible to outbursts of energy of restless Sagittarius.

However, these two signs come to life with different measures. The lion prefers maximum refinement, and Sagittarius is less discriminating. For Sagittarius, even in childhood, quantity means more than quality. Lion appreciates the external impression and excellent quality, even when it comes to the Easter egg, which is to be cleaned and eaten, but Sagittarius presents to the same egg only one requirement: that it be large.

Leo Mother — Sagittarius Child

Next to such a mother, the child feels that he is surrounded by love and cares. And when Leo mom remembers the cloudless days of her own childhood, she even wants to join the games of her cheerful child. But there is a danger that over time, the mother will begin to increasingly impinge on his personality, expecting from his child those achievements, which she once dreamed of herself.

The Sagittarius needs support and approval, but he will find his own way, his place in life himself. Mom-Leo will have to keep his assertiveness a little bit, but her enthusiasm and willingness to help her child will benefit him. It is important that Lioness maintains her optimism, otherwise Sagittarius will stop halfway, finding that it has lost support of the mother, or feeling that she thinks primarily about her own interests.

Lioness loves to be proud of her children, and Sagittarians’ ability to acquire friends, his openness and cheerful optimism will really please her. Together they will make many interesting trips, and every opportunity to get out of the house gives this little lover a lot of traveling.

Sagittarius will learn from his mother’s ease of communication, but it is unlikely that he will be able to achieve its popularity unless it gets rid of the habit of making caustic remarks. The mother herself finds that these truthful, but sometimes tactless remarks are very difficult to endure! True, he loses the Lioness from the pedestal, even with humor...

With this too restless child, even a mother born under the sign of Leo is not easy. She appreciates a moment of lazy peace in her beautiful, cozy home, well, Sagittarius wants to always be active and… free. Yes, this is a very temperamental couple, and sometimes they will quarrel, followed by a deep downturn on both sides. Both do not like to retreat, and Lioness is so proud that Sagittarius will have to take the first step toward reconciliation, unless his too diplomatic justifications do not worsen the situation!

Leo mom appreciates a lot in her child: vigor and humor, resourcefulness and optimism, enthusiasm and fun. Well, Sagittarius looks with delight at his relaxed, loving entertainment mom. And his wisdom helps a lot: her advice can be relied on in many situations.

Leo Father — Sagittarius Child

Leo dad wants his children to worship him. Well, this child is sure to be his favorite. True, a small Sagittarius, who idealizes his father, can get himself into the head that he will never rise to his level, and even refuse any attempts to do it without exhausting his own potential to the end. Leo father must at all costs persuade Sagittarius of his own worth and help him find himself in life, without having to waste his energy on trifles. With good guidance, Sagittarius is capable of great achievements, so Leo must come down from his pedestal and work hard on the child.

Father believes that Sagittarius should get everything, and can be thoroughly upset if his child fails. But in fact by this he deprives the little Sagittarius of self-confidence. So Leo needs to learn how to encourage and support him, no matter what happens.

Leo dad knows how to put children to her. He knows how to talk to them, and the Sagittarius child is very talkative - from an early age. They share a love for everything new and go for walks with pleasure, still discussing for a long time a day spent together, full of exciting impressions. Lion appreciates in his little Sagittarius his independence, truthfulness and the desire to understand everything to the end. But he believes that the child must know his place, and turn into a real lion, if the child lets him know that he behaves like an old fool... Well, Sagittarius will have to follow his own language! And perhaps, do not pay attention to the father’s too demonstrative behavior or a special manner of dressing, because if his parent was boring and completely ordinary, it would be even worse!

Many Lions are quite modern and just as easily accept everything new, like Sagittarius himself. But there are also old-fashioned tyrants who believe that you can forcibly make someone happy. This approach to life is unlikely to suit Sagittarius, who is ready to defend his freedom to the victorious end, especially in adolescence.

In general, these two signs will not let each other get bored. Of course, Sagittarius is not against the welfare and comfort that he has thanks to his father, but Leo enjoys the wit, humor, enthusiasm and original ideas of his child. And together they will again and again discuss how to properly equip the whole world!

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