Taurus Child — Leo Parent

Having Leo-parents, Taurus must be ideal in all respects. Lion-parents like to bathe in the glory of their children - especially it inspires children born under the signs of fire and air, but can cause slight fright in children born under the signs of land and water. "The bull was scared" - it sounds ridiculous, but the Taurus feel uncomfortable when they are in the spotlight. They like to stay in the shade, away from the blinding light of the ramp lights, which is too hot for their blood. And the excitement of the bull easily turns into a rage. Therefore, the Lion parents will have to understand that not all children are born for the stage and that the Taurus children themselves choose their own pace of life.

Another important difference between them is that Leo appreciates refinement, and Taurus - simplicity. For Taurus does not matter that his mother presents him a beautifully decorated pie-castle with turrets and a moat, if the pie is lemon, and not chocolate, like Taurus! But if the cake contains your favorite ingredients, you can forget about decorations. We must remember that all the usual causes in Taurus satisfaction, not contempt.

Leo Mother — Taurus Child

Loving mother Leo does not skimp on caresses, and she is really attached to her little Taurus. Lioness is able to tune in to the thoughts of her child and is well versed in his emotional demands. She will try to surround her Taurus with the atmosphere of love that they need both. And she understands the child’s ability to enjoy everything beautiful in life, because it is so close to herself! Taurus is waiting to be cared for, and Mother Lion will be pleased to please the child with gifts, breakfasts and dinners in the fresh air, trips to nature and special atmosphere of the house. But in response, Lioness wants to hear what a beautiful mother she is, and is ready to accept the words of gratitude.

All this is good, but Lion mom is inclined to regard her child as a continuation of herself and expects him to implement those ideas that failed to implement it. Taurus will not like it if the mother tries to organize his life in his own way, and he will not stand it. Taurus does not need external effects, and, of course, he has his own idea of what he wants from life. Therefore, Lioness should not push the stubborn Taurus too much, Otherwise he will restrain himself and refuse to do anything at all.

It is better if the mother manages to step aside, allowing Taurus to arrange his own affairs, or her child will not grow up for a very long time. The Leo mother needs to remember also that Taurus loves praise and encouragement, so she should not think only of herself. Inspire your child with confidence, support him - and he will thank you.

Usually, Lions love to be in the center of attention in any society, while Taurus are happy to be in the background, and the food will give them more pleasure than the enthusiasm of others. It’s no surprise that Taurus prefers to stay at home to do their own things - reading, sewing, flowers or just sitting by the TV. A mother may be upset when she sees that Taurus is not as passionate and optimistic as herself, and is not capable of spontaneous actions.

It is important for her to understand that her child is more earthly in nature, that he prefers a quiet life and he does not necessarily have to be in the first roles. The taste of Taurus is quite traditional, and the extravagance of the mother leads him sometimes into confusion. But both love refined food, and Taurus will admire the culinary art of the mother - to their mutual pleasure. The benevolent warmth of the Lioness and her nobility will always warm the soul of Taurus. And that means so much to him!

Leo Father — Taurus Child

Mighty Leo has all the support he can do for his Taurus child. He wants his offspring to be successful, because, among other things, it proves how beautiful he is if he has such a clever child!

Taurus will master life at a slower pace than his father, and achieve success, but in his own way. He is used to going slowly, but surely - and eventually will come to the goal, while others will get tired halfway. It is important that the father understands this and stops adjusting it. Loving holidays Leo brings a lot of fun and joy to the life of a small serious Taurus, making his imagination brighter. Maybe he will not even want to be as thorough as he sees himself in his own dreams, because next to Leo he will sometimes push aside all his serious plans, learning to receive from life all the best.

Leo does not doubt that his children will admire him under any circumstances. He plays the role of an excellent parent, a powerful person whose word is at home by law. But Taurus can sometimes resist him, refusing to act in accordance with his plans. And no matter how much it annoyed or upset his father. Taurus will not give in. The proud Leo, perhaps, will have to learn to respect the views of his child. Well, as for stubbornness, then a little love and affection - and everything is all right again.

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