Libra Parents

Libra can be considered the best parents among all other signs. They do not differ in tyranny or concessions towards children, but with the help of friendliness and understanding without visible efforts they manage to "blind" a beautiful person from their child. Such people are always guided by the principles of honest attitude and justice.

Adult Librans can easily reconcile children, teach them mutual respect, the ability to obey adults unconditionally. As for their children’s education, they try to choose the best and feel pride in the success of their offspring. The ability of parents to understand the nature of children’s actions, recognize their desires and discover creative opportunities can be considered unique. Mom and Dad are able to give a correct assessment of what is happening, to equalize anything that is missing, to choose a good perspective.

Libra always treat their children with respect, do not like quarrels, prefer to persuade to prove their case and require an adequate response to other people. Their authority in the family is indisputable, and not from a position of strength, but from a position of reverence and trust. Children know that in any case they can count on parental help, advice, instruction. Libras almost never have many children, preferring to bring up one or two.

Libra Mother

Libra Mother looks at her child as a work of art, as a beautiful creation of nature, which is afraid of spoiling by careless treatment. Therefore, in the relationship with the child, she is sometimes restrained and shows tenderness and love for him, and is metered. Her feelings do not beat over the edge, but they are not restrained by reason.

However, it is very difficult to determine the extent or dose of these feelings. For this, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics and temperament of the child. Therefore, the mother of Libra must tirelessly monitor the feelings of her child, and in the process of education to bring aesthetics. In relation to the child to beautiful words, manners and objects, Mother Libra will be easier to determine the needs of her child. After all, she can perfectly feel the beauty.

Libra Father

As a father, Libra serves his child as an example of skillful cooperation, harmonious relations, respect for people, reasoned defense of his point of view, ability to find his place in society and harmoniously fit into a certain niche.

Father Libra always seeks to create harmony in the house. Therefore, he gives his children everything in sufficient measure - and tenderness, and affection, and love, and upbringing. Papa Libra replaces the classical education by confidential friendly relations with children. Therefore, they can always count on the participation, help and advice of their father. The Libra men have an amazing ability to be tactful and easy to educate, convince, and as a consequence - a high parental authority.

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