Aquarius Child — Libra Parent

Despite the fact that Aquarius and Libra are signs of air, and therefore, of one field of berries, there are many differences between them. Scales tend to adjust, to find the golden mean, where peace and harmony reign. Libra is happy, if others are happy, and Aquarius is happy, breaking the routine and forcing others to change the old opinion.

Aquarius can look stubborn and intractable, he makes every effort to ensure that no one has guessed what he will do or say in the next minute - so he retains his individuality. Although Libra usually agree and Aquarius contradicts, both need communication. Aquarius often feels constrained in the company of two people, and not in a crowded crowd.

Libra Mother — Aquarius Child

Sociable and friendly Mom-Libra simply loves to visit people and organize all kinds of parties or trips. Curious Aquarius is all very interesting. These two will make each other a wonderful company. Mama-Libra is talkative, charming, but not too emotional. Thinking is logical, so she will most likely allow her little Aquarius to be herself, which he just needs. Aquarius - the person is clearly not ordinary, and around him there will always be an aura of mystery and some detachment.

Despite their quite friendly relations, Mom-Libra will find that it is difficult for her to cope with his stubbornness. She can do everything possible to avoid quarrels, but Aquarius with his character of the controversial and love of hot debate will stand on his own, defending his point of view and acting in his own way. Libra mother is quite kindhearted and capable of allowing him a lot. But there comes a time when this child needs to be stopped, and for the sake of general peace.

These two are rarely in a bad mood, although both tend to hide their problems from others - or even from themselves. Aquarius just does not want to be dissuaded, and Libra tries to ignore their troubles until they break out. This mother is better to be frank and do not hide her difficulties from the child, otherwise he will just get confused in everything and begin to seek refuge in his fantasy world, where there is no progress for others.

They are happy about everything new and like to spend time in conversations about anything, enjoying the very process of conversation. Well, if Aquarius needed practical advice or a look from the side to his very original solutions, Mom-Libra is always ready to help him.

Both belief in justice and equality and among themselves will communicate on an equal footing. Little Aquarius, who so wants to look grown-up, of course likes it. It is good when a mother can be an intelligent leader without depriving the child of the necessary freedom and allowing him to follow his own path! Well, such mother is pleased to have an intelligent and benevolent child, who also looks so much like her.

Libra Father — Aquarius Child

The daddy-Libra, who loves logic, enjoys conversations with his Aquarius - with this bright little person. Both are smart and optimistic, friendly and sociable. The father listens attentively to everything that Aquarius tells him, and clever comments and efficient suggestions of his father help to maintain a lively conversation.

This father understands his child well and approves of his curiosity. He is even ready to give him freedom and independence, however, within reasonable limits, why Aquarius is delighted, because it is difficult for him to be bound hand and foot by endless restrictions.

Father-Libra will try to open to his child the world of art, music and literature. Aquarius, who likes to read and learn something new, will gladly accept everything that his father will show him. These two will find that they have a lot in common, and the Venus-ruled Papa-Libra can become interested in the fact that he takes so little Aquarius, because he knows how to look at the world from the position of another, and therefore, through the eyes of his child.

Both of them should be among people only if Libra likes a social life. Aquarius wants to feel part of the group where he can show his individuality. The father likes to understand what excites other people, well, Aquarius is more busy with the fact that, ahead of time, he has ideas that will be realized in the future.

The father respects the opinion of his child and wants Aquarius to answer him the same. But this little rebel can put his father in front of all not the best way! Libra is important to maintain a good impression of himself in society, and his frank and slightly eccentric Aquarius is able to drop anything that was not at all part of his father’s plans. But it’s so funny and charming that the father will quickly forget about his confusion. Yes, this smart, interesting child just can not be angry!

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