Aries Child — Libra Parent

In opposite signs of Aries and Libra, we see two sides of the same coin. We have in mind a combination of individuality and ability to cooperate, willfulness and harmony. Sounds ridiculous? That’s it! But the "medal" remains the same: Aries and Libra have much in common, and they are able to balance each other. With its ardent, seething nature, Aries needs the calmness and dispassion of Libra. Words of consolation heal the heat, and the child-Aries likes a light breeze blowing from the side of the balanced Libra parents. Opposites attract, and therefore the combination of Aries-Libra - a source of joy for both sides.

Children-Aries usually conquer families by storm. Therefore, the tranquility of the house in which Libra runs, can break the energetic and vociferous sheep. The child-Aries is likely to disturb the balance of their parents. As soon as Libra manages to restore harmony, Aries again turns the whole house upside down. Wild Aries is an unruly and stubborn creature; In contrast to Libra, this kid does not care about what people think about him. He is able to roar in all possible on the street, wrangle with you in the presence of his grandmother and make a real revolt in the supermarket, if something is refused to him. It is good that Libra is endowed with great charm and reasonableness than any other sign of the zodiac: these qualities will be needed by them to restore the numerous ruins left by a small Aries on the warpath.

Libra Mother — Aries Child

Libra mother is sure that her little Aries is born overactive. He is always on the move and, it seems, is not going to sleep at all - what else can you say? And since this mother prefers to think what to do with it, before spending time and energy, she does not have time at all, because her Aries has already switched to something new.

And yet at times Aries is lost and at such times can become dull and jaded. Then he needs help, because he needs to regain lost purpose. But in all probability, the mother of Libra will feel such relief from the fact that he finally stopped, that she just does not want to touch him.

It is difficult enough for her to decide how best to do even for herself, but she so wants to help others, and her child even more so. And she really can give him good advice and help to choose the right direction - she only needs to gather her thoughts.

The Aries child seems funny that Libra all the time changing their minds. In his eyes, the mother looks at least unpredictable, but it’s much better than being boring! He finds her intelligent, friendly and cheerful. Well, she likes his courage and impetuosity, although she certainly will note that her child is somewhat selfish and reckless.

Between them, quarrels are inevitable, so that sometimes a feeling of alienation may arise. But fortunately, not for long. Aries hot-tempered. Libra, with all their external calmness, also know how to boil with indignation. And when all this breaks out, Aries learns what it is! Libra mom is especially angry if Aries wants to achieve something by shouting. She simply can not stand it-and it does not matter whether it’s reasonable or not.

But they are so attached to each other! She will do everything to make her child more affectionate, kind and tolerant, without losing any activity and confidence. And maybe looking at him, she herself will learn to make decisions faster and act more energetically.

Libra Father — Aries Child

The mood of this father is so unstable! He is calm and happy, then very concerned, and Aries with his straightforwardness is annoying. Aries looks at life simply, and when an impatient child goes straight to the heart of the matter, while his daddy still hesitates, it’s inspiring. Aries realizes how much the appearance means for his father, who would like to be proud of his child in society.

With its propensity for mischief, Aries can play on this, forcing the father to worry about what others think about them. And the father, in turn, is able to embarrass and upset the child, hiding from him family problems and pretending that he is all right, instead of having something to decide in time. Straight-hearted Aries would like his father to be frank with him about any of his serious worries. He simply can not understand how this can hide the truth from him!

But basically they understand each other well. Libra likes the sparkling energy of his child Aries, and he goes with him for walks or comes up with games to occupy him. Libra refers to Aries almost as an equal, and this is exactly what he dreamed about. But this father always calms down his irrepressible child, explaining what can and can not be done.

And although Aries does not like to be forced to do anything, the presence of common sense in his father’s advice will force him to stop and think and even help to further control the unrestraint. Therefore, the father must from time to time force himself to show firmness and not give in. Such a relationship is good because the child will grow self-confident and capable of self-expression - just do not have to stop him from being himself.

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