Cancer Child — Libra Parent

Both Libra and Cancer are rather evasive. The scales constantly fluctuate, it takes a lot of energy to achieve balance, and such expenditure forces prevent Libra from moving forward in life. The desire to address the problem from all sides can also have an impact. Scales do not want to dive headlong into the pool, and therefore long delay, weighing numerous decisions. Cancer, too, is not disposed to resolute actions and does not rush forward, forgetting about the shell. Cancer approaches the problem sideways, because he, like Libra, is unpleasant with open encounters.

Anyway, this couple is able to walk around the bush for a long time, not understanding each other. Captured by the determination of Libra to play a happy family, Cancer can internally withdraw, fearing that if he confesses his true feelings, he will be immediately punished. The fact is that Libra prefer to keep a good face with a bad game, while the Cancer child will unequivocally react to all changes in the phases of the Moon.

Libra Mother — Cancer Child

The secular mother of Libra and her dreamy Cancer child are very attentive to each other, although it is difficult for Libra to understand the deeper emotional nature of Cancer. Libra is a quick-witted, sociable person who likes to gather people around and create a sense of society. Cancer, by contrast, is more occupied with itself, full of fantasies, deep thoughts and feelings.

Libra mother is a logical thinking person, and she believes that such a sensitivity of Cancer makes him somewhat selfish. She tries to distract him with all her strength, taking with her on a visit or comforting, when this child of the Moon has tears in her eyes. But sooner or later she will find out that there is nothing to be done about it: Cancer is hard to change.

Nevertheless, Libra really likes that Cancer is working hard on what his heart is for if he really wants to achieve something. She appreciates the sense of justice inherent in Cancer, approves of his artistic and poetic inclinations, his talent for inventing wonderful stories. And she is fascinated by the manifestation of affection from Cancer and his warm smile. This child can really bring a lot of joy to Libra!

Sometimes Cancer is able to show a sense of ownership and become intrusive, especially when the mother is going to go somewhere out of the house. She expects that Cancer will behave adult, because she does not have time for children’s whims. This afflicts Cancer, who needs to be convinced once again that he is loved and that he does not expect too much independence from him, if he is not yet ready for it. Libra will have to spend a lot of effort to prove the child’s affection and strengthen his sense of self-confidence.

Libra does not always have the patience to look at all these reflections of Cancer. The mother adheres to an easier view of life, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding objects, hiding her worries more deeply and postponing making decisions until better times. She prefers to suppress her emotions, not wanting to create difficulties until they arise, and this is very different from the mood of her child, who is used to rushing from one feeling to another. Both of them are able to remain in a bad mood, but for completely different reasons.

Cancer can sometimes find the mother indecisive, and this deprives him of a sense of well-being. The mother should use all her sensitivity to take into account the needs of her child, especially since the caring mother of Libra is able to give her child everything he dreams about, she just needs to tune in to it.

Libra Father — Cancer Child

The full optimism of Libra dad is trying to teach his child to look constructively at life. This is very useful for a small Cancer, who is able to immerse himself in the pool of anguish, tired of the cycle of his emotions. But the father also has periods of bad mood. He would always like to remain in a happy state of equilibrium, but his mood can then go up and down like a Libra, which are his symbol. It remains only to hope that emotions will not crush these two at the same time, because someone must remain in a reasonable condition!

Father-Libra is working hard to have enough money and for a house in which everything is done with taste, and everything that a child needs to be comfortable. The father will be happy to buy beautiful things in children’s or elegant clothes for his little Cancer. He likes his children to look great, and Cancer loves to dress well.

Father-Libra is often very kind and indulgent, and Cancer can even use it with benefit for themselves. But do not let it go too far! If the daddy-Libra is getting out of himself, it will all end with the feeling that the child, who has been put in place, will feel guilty, who takes everything that is told to him too close to his heart. In addition, it will take a long time to calm him down and defuse the situation.

Pape-Vesam, like no one else, manages to sniff out Cancer secrets, helping him to talk. Cancer should be helped to learn how to disclose your feelings and it is worth spending time for it, at least for the sake of the child to be able to tell what is troubling him. Perhaps Libra is his child and seems too emotional, but it is vital that little Cancer be given the opportunity to discuss all his worries and worries.

Libra really likes bright, talkative young people who behave pretty early as adults. But from Cancer, this behavior should not be expected. He will hold on to his parents and even resist their attempts to make him more independent. They must understand that their child will spread his wings only when his time comes. And it will be much better for him!

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