Capricorn Child — Libra Parent

We can not get an ambitious parent from Libra. They do not care about the desire of some fathers and mothers to see their child the best, and therefore Libra prefer that the child-Capricorn simply rejoiced and smiled. In fact, Capricorn is more vain than Libra: he wants to prove his abilities to Libra and therefore sets himself significant goals. So Capricorn gets self-confidence.

Teaching Capricorn politeness, necessary to be accepted in society, the mother of Libra believes that this is enough to easily glide through life. However, Capricorn was born not to slip: at times it can be rude. And if Capricorn feels uncomfortable, he will not try to please others as Libra, and will close, fearing to make the wrong move.

Libra Mother — Capricorn Child

Libra mother will encourage the artistic and musical abilities of her child. She loves beauty and harmony, appreciating the creative side of life, and will be able to add bright colors to the seriousness of Capricorn. She teaches her child a broader view of life, developing his imagination, and when he grows up, he will help him make wise decisions.

This mother loves society and loves making new friends. She likes to reduce people so that they can share each other’s interests and enjoy the opportunity to be together. Capricorn, however, is more restrained and prefers the company of several close friends to large gatherings. Sometimes Capricorn thinks that his mother spends too much time with other people, depriving him of attention. But even if this is true, communication with such a non-standard mother is beneficial for the child: Capricorn learns how to behave with people and even make companies out of them, and it will still come in handy.

Capricorn loves once and for all the established order, but Libra is not one who will stick to it. Mother-Libra can well understand what it means to be organized, but she prefers to swim along the course of life, not wanting to be bound by earthly conventions... She believes that her Capricorn child sometimes is inordinately stubborn and sedate and, moreover, always Thinks in practical categories. It does not seem that Capricorn was as capable of loving endless intellectual fantasies as his talkative Libra mom!

Capricorn is more determined than Libra, and very persistent. He always achieves his, even if he has to slowly, step by step, to advance to success. Well, his mother is not so focused and often inclined to laziness. And sometimes I would like Capricorn to be more serious...

Libra is very fond of buying beautiful things for their children, and little Capricorn prides itself on the mother’s special talent to make gifts and thus win friends. And then, my mother always knows how to cheer up a person, and even more so of her child! Only she should try not to complain or complain, because Capricorn takes her complaints too close to her heart, and he judges himself severely enough.

Libra would like her Capricorn to be more loving, but she will have to acknowledge the fact that it is not in the nature of her child to openly express her feelings. This should not stop the mother: she must always show her love for the little Capricorn. Even if her child seems to be cold outwardly, he constantly needs comfort and needs a loving mother’s hugs.

Libra Father — Capricorn Child

The inconstant Libra father can seem unpredictable to his child. Capricorn would like to know in advance what will happen next and what to expect from others. Libra is very fond of playing in a happy family and often pretending that everything around is bright and cloudless, and if Capricorn begins to mope, when Daddy is in one of such moods, his father does not understand what’s the matter.

Libra is extremely sociable and loves parties, while Capricorn would like to see next to him only a few close friends. With a large crowd of people, he feels uncomfortable. But he is able to really work hard to succeed, and he can concentrate his efforts on something important. Libra can be proud of the fact that this child does everything perfectly, but his father will sometimes seem that he is too practical and seems unable to discuss anything just for the sake of pleasure. The difference is that Capricorn is a materialist tied to the ground, while in the head of Libra there are concerts and cultural news.

Capricorn likes it when a father treats him like an adult. He acts as an adult, and almost from the cradle, but Father-Vesam still should not overload his duties. In any case, give small instructions to the child to strengthen his self-confidence, but also make sure that he has the opportunity to rejoice in a carefree childhood. Your Capricorn can take your life too seriously, depriving yourself of much.

Some Libras bring up their children very harshly, but there are others, and they are much softer. Capricorn always responds to good treatment, because it is self-critical enough and does not need someone to point out to him his mistakes. But he needs love and support, attention and respect for his personality, even a small one.

Father-Libra is patient enough to listen to his child. He does not often impose any rules on him, without explaining what’s what, and this gives Capricorn less scope for manifesting stubbornness. He allows the little Capricorn to learn to think on his own and encourages him not to be afraid to express his opinion. Father-Libra is able to bring up the best qualities in Capricorn - provided that he will give the child enough time and give him his understanding, which he very much needs.

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