Libra Child — Libra Parent

It is natural to assume that having two pairs of bowls constantly moving up and down, two Libra are unlikely to be able to agree with each other. But in fact, when two Libra meets, each pair of cups tries to balance the other. For Libra, clarity is above all. The best thing is to allow them to achieve complete balance and declare that the duo of Libra - the parent and the child - radiates harmony and pleases the majority of others in most cases: to give a fairer estimate is impossible!

Libra can not stand the alarm of other people, and therefore can get into trouble, forced to endure inconvenience, just to please others. However, Libra has such flexibility and agility that staying in an uncomfortable position does not happen to them for long: they will always find a way to get out of it.

Two Libra, who were close by, can be so absorbed in courtesies and a desire to please each other; That they will not be able to discuss problems - ordinary in any family. Everything is mechanically silenced, and with it disappears the opportunity to prepare a young child for future failures.

Libra Mother — Libra Child

Libra with pride look at their clever child, and very much like his elegant mother. In addition, she is so kind, and it is quite acceptable! He knows that he can easily cope with it, using his charm or smile. He understands that she will always yield to his demands with her kindheartedness.

This couple will spend so much time making a decision, and it will be so long to weigh everything, which is amazing if anything is done at all! Well, the little Libra needs lessons of determination and fairly firm leadership, because this child needs to help strengthen the character. Of course, there is a danger that the indulgent Mom-Libra simply spoils the child, indulging his laziness or moods. But most often the innate sense of Libra’s justice works, and the mother puts her child in the place, if it becomes unbearable.

This loving entertainment mom is not at all from the number of housewives, but it seems to the Libra child remarkable. Both of them do not have excessive emotionality, but both are able to be pleasant in communication and kind with all whom they meet. Actions they prefer conversations, so Mom-Libra will not be surprised if her child begins to speak before other children.

Both largely depend on the mood, and hardly any harmony will be established between them if the child begins to have fun with might and main when the mother is completely exhausted. But the one with the best mood, will be able to console the one who has lost heart! These two are united by a love of music and art, and Mom-Libra will help develop the creative potential of the child. True, both are overcome by laziness at times, but both value the optimism and friendliness of each other.

Libra Father — Libra Child

Cheerful Libra dad is ready to discuss some new idea with his inquisitive offspring. Essentially, this couple can talk for hours without any break: the child asks smart questions, and the father reflects on the answers. Yes, it’s no coincidence that this child starts talking so early!

Both are sociable and friendly. They immediately get acquainted with friends, wherever they appear. So next to this father the child does not have to be bored. He himself will not make his father blush for himself in any company, and for Papa-Libra it is very important that his child is liked by others. Well, the child understands the seriousness of the moment and tries not to let his father down.

True, the trouble is that the numerous acquaintances of this daddy turn into at times family troubles... As Libra is rather cautious and even indecisive, the father often hides the problems that arise until all this once does not pour out. Well, it is better for little Libra to imagine what is going on. The child feels safer if he is explained, and he should be sure that family quarrels are not due to his fault.

These two always have common interests. Father will try to have his child choose his own way in life. He believes that the individual should be given the opportunity for natural development, and without imposing or pressure from the parents. But he must not forget that Libra needs help when he has to make a decision. And do not decide something for the child, but only bring him to the right choice. This pair of Libra will be able to find its balance in order to build a relationship full of love and care.

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