Scorpio Child — Libra Parent

Libra - the most appeasing parent for Scorpio. Scales are able to calm the stormy waters and adhere to the golden mean, when Scorpio rushes to extremes. Libra may find it difficult to understand why Scorpio is so persistent in pursuing his goals: Scorpio is a passionate person, whether three years old or sixty-three. Wishing for something, he believes that his desire is a matter of life and death. But Libra knows how to see the problem in perspective and somehow counterbalance it. Because Libra weighs everything and compares weight, they can explain to Scorpio that life is often a series of ups and downs - in it you sometimes lose, sometimes you win, and therefore you need to be able not only to fight, but also to give up.

Psychologically, Libra and Scorpio occupy opposite poles. Libra wants to see others happy at any cost, maintain an external impression of peace and joy, and Scorpio finds it difficult to get involved in such a game. Scorpio is an embodied honesty, and if he can not express the truth, he is silent about it, but can not get rid of the feeling of wrongness of what is happening. This causes a turbulent undercurrent in the relationship between Libra and Scorpio. But living together, they learn from each other charm and frankness.

Libra Mother — Scorpio Child

These two are sometimes quite critical of others, but for themselves they set an incredibly high bar and really want to achieve a lot. The mother will try to do everything in her power to give her child a safe, reliable home, and the skills of good behavior, and the ability to reason. She will make sure that Scorpio gets the education that suits them both. And although both these signs are not from the breed of merry people, Mom-Virgo and her child-Scorpio will be well at each other’s company.

Scorpio sees how uneasy his Mom-Libra takes decisions. He himself prefers confidence, sometimes turning into categorical, and does not understand those who constantly change their minds. He would like the mother to be more determined and that her attitude to life should be more certain, because the little Scorpio feels more confident with people who have no doubts about anything and are able to prove that they are strong enough not to offend those, Who depends on them.

But on an emotional level, Mom-Libra can support her child! He needs to feel loved, and the arms and smiles of his mother will help him to convince him. Scales are generous and caring, while Scorpio likes to keep everything to herself. Mothers will have to take for granted the secrecy of their child, who does not tolerate anyone attempts to assail his independence.

This mother spoils her child, gladly giving him gifts, and Scorpio proudly shows them to his friends, because he likes to emphasize his importance. But at the same time he may not show the gratitude his mom-Libra sometimes counts on. Libra must learn to be more rigid with the child and not all allow it. Scorpio is only to the benefit of a firm but fair leadership. But if he still learns the goodwill that Libra has, it will be just fine!

Libra Father — Scorpio Child

This caring father treats his little Scorpio as an equal, which fills the child’s heart with pride. The father is attracted to the adult mature questions of the child and his intuition is surprising. And his rare ability to find what’s lost is the same help for the scattered Libra!

Father will try to make Scorpio a creative person and love art and music. He will help him develop intellectually, but we must also see to it that the child is engaged in sports. The Scorpio child is much more energetic than his father, Libra, and he needs physical activities so that he does not have time to think too much on purely personal topics.

This father believes that the child has the right to choose himself, what would he want in life. But sometimes Scorpio needs a very specific advice: he loves certainty and, even trying to find his own way, wants to know for sure what he can count on, and what not.

A reasonable father will always help the child understand the meaning of what is happening, and as soon as Scorpio understands why he should not do something, he will stop insistently insisting on his own. But he does not tolerate commands and shouting, because he is much more receptive than you can solve by looking at his behavior. Scorpio does not belong to those optimistic, sociable personalities to which his father belongs, and then he can learn a lot from him. True, the father is so little at home… And this child likes it when the whole family is assembled, and everything is reliable and predictable.

The father is interested in any new ideas, and he enjoys the animated debate. Scorpio is also curious about everything new - if it does not cause fear in him. Actually, for these two, it’s important that everyone believes that they are all right. That’s why the father is ready to hide his problems and behave as if nothing had happened.

But Scorpio has a wonderful intuition, and if there is anything wrong with the family, the child will feel insecure. Well, it can look like uncontrollability, aggressiveness or alienation. This child is better to tell the truth, so he did not think that the problems arose through his fault. Yes, one must be very sensitive and friendly with the little Scorpio, and Father-Vesame is able to do it.

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