Virgo Child — Libra Parent

As Libra follow the Virgo in the astrological circle, they represent a completely different character. The scales may be as attentive to appearance and impression as Virgo, but they are usually inclined to embellish many details and trifles disturbing Virgo. The difference is that the Virgo will be happy when she has something to chew in the mental sense, and Libra is happy when everything looks decent in appearance.

In the relationship of the child and the parents, this means that the Libra parent is inclined to ignore what the Virgo is concerned about, and is unable to understand why almost imperceptible trifles are so important to the child. "Forget about it, smile and calm down," Libra will insist, and Virgo will try to follow the advice, because she always wants to please, but will not stop thinking about what is troubling her. If Virgo has become quiet, it is possible to assert with confidence: she is considering a problem that does not give her rest.

Libra Mother — Virgo Child

A loving, mild Libra mom likes to pamper her little sissy Virgo, which is exactly what she needs. Virgo does not always believe in praise, although her efficiency, accuracy and intelligence are clearly worthy of approval! But when Libra praises her, Virgo knows that it is from the heart.

Libra mom intends to enjoy that she is a mother. In fact, all these excursions, especially with an interesting company, or joint games - are a good entertainment for herself, not to mention that they are useful for her baby Virgo.

Friends take a serious place in the life of Mom-Libra, because it is important for her to be accepted in society or to unite around others. Virgo is more absorbed in herself and prefers to deal with business, rather than wasting time to meet for a cup of coffee or for a trip to the club, as her sociable mother does. Virgo protects everyone from her private life, where she has her own specific order and her little rituals. But the sociability of the mother to her good, because while she learns goodwill and diplomacy and tries not to be so meticulous about others.

And it’s good when, at the request of the mother, the little Virgo helps the friends to take care of the children or the elderly or looks after the neighbor’s cat while her masters are on vacation. Virgo feels much more confident with people, knowing that it can be useful to them.

Sometimes Libra mother gets angry and grumbles, but Virgo does everything in the best way, and she does not need to be reminded. It is very important for Libra to be appreciated. Of course, Mom-Libra will do a lot for her children, but there is a limit beyond which she will not tolerate arrogance or criticism. And Virgo, as you know, all this is peculiar. And of course, the mother will not allow Virgo to do everything her own way. True, as an argument Libra is more likely to use logic, rather than anger, and for a Virgo child, who is hurt by any rude word, it is very important.

This mother will introduce her child to art, music and theater and will be happy to discover that the little Virgo is learning to see the beautiful in life and enjoy it. To his child, Mom-Libra treats as a person, without making a condescending discount on age, and this can not be appreciated. True, at times Virgo would like her dreamy mother to be more resolute and firmer… But is this really so important?

Libra Father — Virgo Child

The good dad Libra is happy to spend his hard-earned money to please his child: Libra likes things that please the eye, and want their children to be beautiful. The father always tries to praise the little Virgo, and it really means a lot. Good words of the father help her to doubt her self less.

He is pleased with her sharp mind, her ability to conduct conversations. But she, like him, finds it difficult to make decisions. It is difficult for Virgo to formulate a certain opinion for herself, because she is too much buried in small things. Ideally, she needs help from her father, but he spends so much time weighing all the arguments, all his pros and cons, that this further confuses her.

It is good that he is reasonable enough and in the end will necessarily bring Virgo to the right decision, taking into account both her abilities and the situation in which she turned out to be. He will never impose on her what does not suit her.

Virgo is happy that her father talks to her as an adult. But he, as a sociable person, is very annoyed if she starts to be stubborn, refusing to go to visit, or suddenly shows some kind of ill will, and he can not understand why... Libra wants to look good in public, and the father would prefer to see His little Virgo is more relaxed. But it pleases him that she is always careful, does not commit stupid acts and not at all from those children for whom parents have to blush. It is very important for them both to behave in a way that does not look stupid.

Merry Dad-Libra likes to talk with her child. He will answer all the questions of the little Virgo, although he does not always understand why she needs to know all the details. In addition, he believes that it is very boring - so take life seriously and put in the first place only work. And Virgo, this little bee, thinks in turn that his father is perhaps too lazy if he spends his time on chatter, rather than dealing with important issues.

There are Fathers-Libra (it depends on their ascending signs), who are primarily occupied with themselves and can scream at children if they are spinning under their feet. Such a father will frighten an easy-witted Virgo, because this child will take all the changes in his father’s mood at his own expense. It’s good that most of the fathers born under the sign of Libra are attentive to their children!

True, there is one detail that everyone should remember about: do not hide your problems from children. Especially from a little Virgo. The Virgo always feels, if something is not right, and her anxiety can develop into a panic. It is often necessary to assure her that everything is in order in the family - this will give her the opportunity to feel happy.

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