Pisces Parents

Pisces parents treat attitude to children somewhat in their own way. They try to give their children the maximum of what they themselves lacked in childhood. Such parents prefer that children grow up freer. They themselves are absorbed in the spiritual side of life, so do not give enough time to educate their offspring, considering it a secondary and not very pleasant duty.

The children’s society pleases Pisces, but they do not intend to burden themselves with the burden of education and a lot of moralizing, and also control their children. Parents do their best to facilitate the existence of their children, to create an easy and pleasant life for them.

The most difficult thing in the relationship of the Pisces parents with their children is the moment when the children have to go on their own swimming - Pisces "let go" with great difficulty. But, if they do everything wisely and correctly, the children will never forget the road to their father’s house.

Pisces Mother

Pisces mother, because of excessive sensitivity, loses her head from the feelings experienced, especially those who live in her memory indelible impressions. Their motto is "To give children everything that they themselves had been deprived of in their childhood." She tries to take care of the child, so as to avoid situations like those that crashed into her memory and left a heavy and sorrowful impression. So, the Pisces mother shows foresight - does not allow the repetition of mistakes and miscalculations.

The child is constantly growing, and with his growth circumstances change. Mother Pisces is difficult to predict what will happen next, so it changes its attitude towards the child. She begins to look for what and when her child needs it, while forgetting that the child’s need and demand are different things. She is ready to sacrifice much for the sake of kids, however, having a soft and kind character, is not able to grow strong-willed and purposeful, punchy and disciplined children who will be able to solve any life task.

Because of the inability to educate his child, the Pisces mother is not able to object to her child and resist his wishes, which spoils him. Over the years, the child has such desires that create complex problems with which the mother Pisces can not cope. She needs advice from competent and professional people who will help her solve the problem. Therefore, the mother of Pisces in the education of her child should first use the advice of grandparents, then - teachers and teachers of the kindergarten and school.

Pisces Father

Father-Pisces behaves with children as equals. For them, such a dad - just a godsend: he can easily assemble a team for playing Malchisha - Kibalchisha, Nightingale - Rogue, Detectives and Thieves, and he himself will take part in these games with pleasure. It is not difficult for him to pull himself up on a horizontal bar, to make a stand on his head, to play with dolls or to sing along the lines of his hand. Such a dad is the best among all existing.

In the role of the father, the Pisces serve their child as an example of the philosophical perception of life, optimism, a delicate and fair attitude to other people. To their child they show love, kindness, sensitivity and generosity. They support the creative abilities of their child, although they may slightly idealize them.

It is difficult for them to protect their child. Since they are inclined to passively perceive problems, philosophically considering them a test that must be experienced and learned a lesson. As a result, the child first learns to protect himself, and then - and his father. Sometimes it leads to big problems - such a child can grow up as a fighter not only for justice, but also as a fighter for his interests, which can lead him into a closed community or criminal world.

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