Aquarius Child — Pisces Parent

Despite the fact that Aquarius is a sign of air, and Pisces is a sign of water, and therefore live in different worlds, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac - they are able to combine all the qualities of the preceding signs. In other words, Pisces accepts other people as they are, and do not try to change them. Pisces strikingly accurately guess what drives other people, what acts on them, but at the same time they remember: for balance in the world, all types of characters are necessary.

Aquarius is removed from his feelings even in childhood. Emotions make him uncomfortable, they are alien to Aquarius, and therefore he prefers to keep them in himself, and if necessary - to abstract from them in order to preserve a sense of well-being. It is the little Aquarius who calls the other child crybaby. But growing up next to the parent-Pisces, Aquarius will learn to perceive emotions as a valuable aspect of life. Pisces, without using force and power, can dispel the fear of Aquarius before dependence and guardianship or the manifestation of feelings.

Pisces Mother — Aquarius Child

Mom-Pisces has such a kind heart, and she pampered her little Aquarius in every possible way! She is full of love, and, perhaps, this is what prevents her from showing firmness. She is so tired of all these stormy scenes with tears and stamping her feet, that she will soon allow her child to behave as he pleases. But she must understand that Aquarius needs discipline, otherwise he will bring his poor mother to despair, and everyone else too.

Fish is puzzled that Aquarius with his alienation looks so unfeeling… She herself is very emotional, and she wants to be associated with the children close ties of love. Aquarius often exists on its own - in the world of their own sensations. The mother will have to admit that this is by nature. He rather lives "from the head," simply not realizing that you can be as sensual as his mother, Pisces.

But the sharp sense of social justice that small Aquarius has, seems to Fish wonderful, although she is not ready to take part in demonstrations of protest or assistance groups. Caring Fish likes to help others, but more on a personal plane. She is ready to give you her shoulder, on which you could cry. She is the very understanding, and it turns out better for her than writing letters to a member of parliament from the people of the district!

Aquarius is friendly, open and honest, while his mother-Pisces can sometimes evade the truth, so as not to offend others. Aquarius would like it to be more straightforward and less unpredictable. Usually soft and easy to communicate, she can suddenly become angry and capricious, if she feels that she is being pressured.

She is able to step aside if life seems too difficult for her, so it’s good that little Aquarius is able to be independent and independent. It is easier for him to go into his own world, "switching" himself to another reality. Therefore, he is not bothered by the disorganization of the mother and her inability to plan anything. In the end, it is much more interesting to understand your own life! Although he likes the sense of order in the house, which helps him to feel more comfortable and relaxed, but he values freedom more.

Mom-Pisces believes that she has a very pleasant child, except for those periods when he is determined to argue. Well, Aquarius is happy that his mother understands what creativity is, and even ready to help him in this. Both have such an imagination that they can spend many happy hours together, passionately dreaming about such a tempting future!

Pisces Father — Aquarius Child

With this father, little Aquarius feels free, and that’s what he wanted more than anything in the world! Father believes that children should develop naturally, without much interference, so they will not constantly pull Aquarius. Of course, this is correct, because unnecessary demands could suppress the fervor of the spirit of this little person.

But the Dad-Pisces should think about the fact that a wayward Aquarius can not be given free rein in everything. This child is sure that he knows for himself what is better for him, but there are times when he needs the wisdom of adults, because his actions often look strange, to put it mildly. A more orderly life at home would not have prevented him. Aquarius does not tolerate any framework, but it is calmer if he knows what is expected of him and where the limit is permissible for his actions.

In a small Aquarius there is so much energy that his father has nothing to compare with. But both of them are creative personalities, both are thinkers who build fascinating plans for the future, receiving great pleasure from it. True, Aquarius is more optimistic and self-confident than his daddy-fish-prone...

Actually, the thinker can be considered more like Aquarius, because he wants to understand everything and knows how to not only collect information, but also "read" it from the future. The father relies more on his feelings, and when asked a question, does not include the mind, but intuition.

But do not think that their relationship is a complete idyll. Both are characterized by explosions of irritation, especially if they are touched alive. The father generally believes that there should be no problems with the children, and it is difficult to endure the moments when his stubborn Aquarius stands on his own, giving very logical arguments - and quite loudly! In this situation, Daddy-Pisces prefers to just disappear: let others understand this...

But the artistic, subtle father-Pisces will open his world of music and colors to his child with creative abilities. He will inspire him to new knowledge, and that Aquarius can receive from life all that she can give him. And together they will dream about the future, making the present happy.

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