Aries Child — Pisces Parent

Pisces is the quietest sign of the zodiac, and Aries is the most impetuous, but the influence of Pisces on Aries can soften any blow. In the early years, Aries often behaves recklessly, proving that he is doing well in everything, for whatever he undertakes. He checks the strength of his muscles and tests his own strength. This is a necessary stage in the growth of Aries, but if it is delayed, it can become somewhat tiring for others. But the mother of Pisces will constantly point out to her Aries-child: there are other ways to win. To boast of power and attract the attention of other people is not the only way out. Aries is not easy to turn into a lamb, but Pisces sometimes succeeds.

The world of Aries is dominated by adventure and action. This child is bursting with enthusiasm, he can not wait for himself to get down to business. Parents born under the sign of Pisces have a calm temperament. They know how to adapt to others and know what is hidden under the bravado of Aries. People can mistakenly take Aries’s assertiveness for selfishness and do not understand that behind confidence lies the fear of being vulnerable. But Pisces appreciates the inner qualities of a person more than his external behavior.

Pisces Mother — Aries Child

She understands the desire of her child to get ahead, although it is difficult for her to compete with him in vigor. But most importantly, it refers to the individual’s right to freedom and independence with respect, and this is the basis for a good relationship.

But sometimes she pretends that there are no problems, in the hope that everything will be settled by itself. Well, if this does not happen, there are incomprehensible situations and even conflicts. But the child at the same time can think that it’s all because of him, feel stressed or embittered... So this mother needs to learn not only to reckon with specific difficulties, but also to solve them.

Next to her mother Aries can feel carefree and calm. She rarely gets mad (unless he takes her to the extreme, and she will have to take strict measures!). Still, Pisces sometimes realizes that an energetic Aries is more than she imagined when she was preparing to become a mother. He is so restless - even when it’s time to rest, he still keeps making noise! She knows that he needs to be active, but the question is how can she cope with this? It is best to share with him their own hobbies, for example to attach to creativity, forcing him to draw or describe adventures, instead of always looking for and finding them.

She accepts his spontaneity, his need for change, and therefore will not hold him back. Only she needs to see to it that she does not get used to the role of such a mother martyr, and have enough strength to support normal relations in the family.

Pisces Father — Aries Child

Probably, these two will not be easy together. Aries is very open and sometimes straightforward, while his father, Pisces, is a flexible thinker who secretly does not mind being as persistent and determined as his child. But this is what Aries wants, too!

The meanness of the Dad-Pisces, his desire to everyone likes and makes people happy, pits this aggressive and jaunty child to constant provocation. In addition, Aries thinks that his father always says exactly what he has in mind, - Aries, after all, do so! Well, his father promises something, then forgets about it or does something completely different...

But do not forget that Aries has a very kind and vulnerable heart. He, like Pisces, is afraid that he will be hurt or hurt. The difference is that Aries does everything to avoid injury, and if this fails, can rebuff. Pisces is less capable of self-defense and are trying to cope with the pain by locking themselves in. If the father-Pisces exhibits some flexibility in the relationship with the child, this will undoubtedly improve their relationship.

Pisces dad finds that his child is worthy of love, but he is too rude, selfish, sometimes cruel and constantly self-affirming. His father even has flashes of irritation when Aries, who wants to dominate, starts to press on him. And yet they have a strong relationship and a deep sense of affection for each other. The father is able to awaken the imagination in the child and develop creative abilities, of which other signs with less intuition would not even have suspected. An Aries can teach his father to worry less for any reason and just enjoy life!

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