Cancer Child — Pisces Parent

Both Pisces and Cancer are signs of water, they understand each other so well that words to them almost to nothing. Their emotional connection is so strong that most of the communication takes place at a subconscious level. It will be difficult for other family members to understand this. Pisces parent feels completely free, floating in a world of intuition, but the world of reason disturbs him. Fish can easily cope with the fears of the child Cancer, Understand his dreams and hopes.

Despite the fact that these two are bathed in mutual sympathy, they have much to learn from each other. First of all, Cancer is better aware of the world around than Pisces. Pisces are almost unrelated to the material world or to certain spheres of life; Fish know how to swim in the tide, spiritual wealth helps them to free themselves from a close circle of material problems. But Cancer constantly feels the heaviness of his shell, he knows the sense of belonging, he is more owner than Pisces. When Cancer feels insecure, obsessive ideas may arise, and Pisces can teach him to believe in himself.

Pisces Mother — Cancer Child

They are all well, because Mom-Pisces is boundless love and the most tender affection. So the little Cancer feels cozy, knows that he is loved and that he has nothing to fear. Mom-Pisces likes to have a child who is not too aggressive, eagerly responds to her love and is also endowed with intuition, imagination and a sympathetic heart, that is, very similar to her.

These two are tied to each other and emotionally close, which is so important for Cancer, but it is unlikely that the mother could offer her child the cancer that lifestyle that he needs. Fish do not like to build their life or their destiny too clearly and never lose hope for new opportunities that can always turn up. So that that lasting, reliable home, about which Cancer dreams, Mom-Pisces may not create.

She does not like to count everything in advance, and a small Cancer may seem that they do not think of him. And when Cancer begins to doubt the stability of his situation, he sinks into depression. But the mother is also very unstable mood, and therefore it is so important that their dark periods do not coincide - this is explosive! True, mutual affinity will help them to overcome many things. In emotional terms, they are very similar, because they both belong to the elements of water, which means that they have very developed intuition and they can feel when one of them is in a bad mood or hurt. Both of them perceive such pain as their own, and when more than they are able to bear, they simply step aside to allow themselves the opportunity to come to their senses and recover. Well, then you can be together again.

But when the mother goes into herself to regain her "I", she can seem a little alienated, and Cancer does not always understand this. In addition, he feels irritated when his dreamy mommy begins to speak half-truths or changes his mind too often (although Mom has reason to blame Cancer for doing the same!).

The Pisces spends a lot of time playing with the child or walking with him. She will be happy to take him to paint classes or music evenings. But it can be too soft and just can not cope with what is called discipline, allowing the child to do whatever he wants. So it’s better to sensitive Cancer in time to catch the limits of what is permissible, otherwise he will grow up to be an egoist and a man with unreasonably high demands.

Cancer is always full of anxiety, and although the same thing happens to his mother, she is a very attentive listener and knows how to scare his secret fears out of Cancer. And Cancer needs a mother to believe in him, because it would help him improve his own self-esteem. And in response to the efforts of the mother, the Cancer child will endow it with that love that she herself needs. Especially nice is that her little Cancer is really capable of appreciating everything that is done for him.

Pisces Father — Cancer Child

Dad-Pisces loves to pamper her child Cancer. He will fulfill all his desires, buy him the toys he wants, and in general show infinite love and support. So there are possible such a happy relationship, which could not be with most people born under other signs.

These two are tuned to the same emotional wave, and the Pisces father understands how hard it is for Cancer to have his emotions. But it’s hard for him to cope with his own feelings. He tries to suppress them, but they swim out again, plunging him into a bad mood and making him irritable. Well, if both do not fall into depression at the same time!

The father likes the intuitive decisions of his Cancer child, his love for home and family, his caring attitude towards those who care about him. He is pleased to realize that he understands his child, and he is happy to help Cancer develop imagination and creativity. He is impressed with the ability of his little Cancer to persevere in any one thing, but at the same time understand the need for rest and the importance of quiet periods.

Papa-Pisces should not show Cancer the anxiety that sometimes feels himself. On the contrary, it is often better to say that he believes in his child. With this approach, Cancer will indeed be capable of more than he could ever imagine.

Sometimes the father forgets about what he promised: he is quite absent-minded and does not always remember what he said… Well, Cancer is upset. In addition, Cancer from time to time passes to self-defense and even makes irritated remarks at the same time - this is no longer pleasing to his father. Daddy-Pisces is not always easy to cope with the mood of the child, because Pisces do not like unnecessary excitement! So my father would like more scenes and tears.

But he manages to direct the powerful emotions of Cancer to creative goals. And he really will be able to expand his horizons, because he is full of understanding and sympathy for his child. Well, he will respond with all his heart to love, which he does not doubt.

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