Capricorn Child — Pisces Parent

Pisces can dispel fears and doubts Capricorn. However, this child sometimes feels that Pisces himself lacks confidence. Capricorn perceives reliability only on a material and physical level. For him there is only that which can be seen and touched, but abstract protection, such as love and understanding, remains incomprehensible to him.

Capricorn wants his life to be predictable. It irritates the words "wait and see." Capricorn is afraid that if you let things go on their own, he will be disappointed, and therefore he must acquire at least a bit of faith in the life inherent in Pisces.

Pisces Mother — Capricorn Child

Kind, sensitive mother-Pisces knows the way to the heart of her child-Capricorn. She is so tuned to his wave that she does not even need to ask how he feels! The truth is, others rarely manage to do this. Her warmth and love can crush the wall of restraint Capricorn, but at the same softness and pliability should not be too much. Capricorn likes a firm hand and a reasonable discipline that would help him better understand his own situation. So the Pisces need to find the necessary reasonable balance between softness and rigidity, and here it is necessary to try.

The Pisces is rather malleable, and it is not difficult for her to adapt: the character of Capricorn. She likes his determination and ability to pursue his path without fail, if he has decided so. The mother does not have Capricorn’s insistence, and her life is much less certain than her child would have liked. Capricorn needs confidence that he can count on the support of relatives, but with Pisces it is difficult, because this mother prefers to go with the flow, not building for himself certain plans.

Capricorn needs to be praised for success in school, and fine Pisces will do it. But her subtlety can play a negative role if the mother begins to doubt the abilities or abilities of her child. Capricorn is not always confident, and it must be constantly maintained so that he can use all his potential. But Pisces also should not shy away from the truth. Capricorn will cease to believe her if she feels that his mother is not frank with him. Instead, it’s better to use tact and reason!

Stresses take Pisces out of balance, but she needs to remember that the little Capricorn takes her nervous breakdown too close to her heart. And do not shift your child’s problems to the child. Capricorn may seem adult and intelligent, but still it is necessary that the child feel like a child. And a happy child.

Pisces Father — Capricorn Child

Daddy Pisces likes that his Capricorn is almost an exemplary child. For a father who is sometimes a little strange, this is especially important. Of course, he is a good father, but he is very restless and can take care of his little Capricorn too much. And you need to know that you believe in him, then he will believe in himself.

Father will try to develop Capricorn’s creative abilities. He is gifted with a rich imagination and ability to inspire others and wants Capricorn to learn to dream and be pleased with himself, although Capricorn likes everything that is predictable, well-known and can be relied upon, and he is not a fan of surprises.

Yet Capricorn finds that Father-Pisces is very kind, always ready to understand him and even help. He pampers him with gifts that all acquaintances envy, and for the conceited Capricorn this is really important. The love and warmth of his father help Capricorn to feel secure and confident, but he is worried about the complete lack of order in the life of the father himself. Capricorn tends to stability, dimensionality and to those generally accepted rules that would seem very boring to representatives of other signs.

Father-Pisces is able to teach Capricorn to talk about his feelings, although this is not possible for everyone. He understands children well, and it is easy for him to communicate with them at their own level. But Capricorn does not understand how to make decisions based only on intuition and sensations, as does the father. He is much more practical than his father and believes that one should count on life only for himself and that there is only one opportunity to succeed - work. Yes, Capricorn may lack solid leadership and orderliness in life if its father is Pisces. But he will know why he is given imagination, and probably never get bogged down in the routine of everyday life.

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