Leo Child — Pisces Parent

Despite the fact that, in general, Leo and Pisces can be regarded as the personification of selfishness and selflessness respectively, and as a consequence, the opposite colors of the spectrum, they have much in common. Probably, no other sign is able to understand the desire of the Lion to seem special and unrepeatable. Both the Lion and the Pisces have a rich imagination. They both refuse to focus on platitudes, when they can show so much imagination and look at life at a higher level. Pisces encourages Leo to take possession of a crane in the sky.

With this combination of parents, the Pisces often sacrifice themselves, so long as the lion does not suffer. Whatever form this sacrifice takes, Leo gets a good start in life. The lion is destined to go everywhere on the red carpet - but thanks to the Pisces parents, this procession can begin much earlier. Pisces must understand in advance what life can become next to Leo, since Leo enjoys the benefits with pleasure - he likes to be pampered and cherished. But excessive fuss around Leo will make him arrogant and overbearing and will not serve his interests: A lion cub must learn how to hunt and protect from childhood.

Pisces Mother — Leo Child

A soft and emotional Pisces will have to gather all his energy to cope with the Lion. He likes to dispose of, helps her organize everything and even says what she should do and what not. A serene mother does not pay much attention to this, but until she gets bored. And then she rather firmly puts it in place.

Mom likes that her child knows how to feel happy. She is pleased with his warmth and generosity, his strength and optimism. This is a small battery, from which it can be charged with energy, then to understand its own life, in which there is not too much order. Perhaps this style suits her, but when Leo is around, she feels the need to create a house where her little Leo is comfortable and comfortable.

She forgives him a lot, because he is so charming! And in general it is ready to melt when this tender child embraces and kisses her. All that Pisces wants is for her children to love her. This mother teaches Leo to be a little softer, do not say what can offend others, teaches you to use your imagination and develop your creative abilities. She is a very artistic nature and will help him to paint or cut silhouettes with pleasure, as soon as he learns to hold a brush or scissors in his hands.

The Pisces sometimes feels that it is bewildering to his boss tone or categorical. Well, Leo does not always have enough of her attention, because there will be days when Pisces wants a little peace and quiet, because she is tired of the noisy enthusiasm of her child. Then it’s better to send them with your father for a walk, and let the little Lion spend his excess energy outside the house while his mom is resting.

Pisces need to learn to be firm, otherwise the Lion will grow up too overbearing, confident that everyone should do only what he wants. It is vitally important for him to understand that others also have desires that need to be respected, and Mom-Pisces must explain this to him.

In adolescence, he may be somewhat despotic, and the mother will have to make a lot of efforts to avoid major quarrels. But when this period passes, a calm swimming will begin, and these two will become really close people for life.

Pisces Father — Leo Child

Pisces father does everything in his power to control himself. But when a small Leo, with his inexhaustible energy and egoistic inclinations, will finally drive him crazy, the swirl of his father’s emotions can become unmanageable. The lion who was showered will be puffed up for a long time, and yet it is very useful to show him from time to time that everything has limits.

This constantly busy child likes to take everything to the extreme, and once a sensitive Papa-Pisces discovers that it is difficult for him to cope with it. It is best if the father tries to be thoughtful and strict, and not lose his temper. There is a need for discipline, but how difficult it is for the Pope-Pisces to consistently show a strong character! And he then indulges his child, allowing him much, then strictly asks him for his frivolous act.

Such a father is unlikely to be able to insist that the child accept certain rules of conduct. He has little order in his own life, he prefers that he does not have anything to do, not wanting to miss any new opportunity. But the little Leo needs a more orderly life than the one his father offers him. Leo, this child of fire, also loves freedom and also quite a creative person, but he still values the well-being and warmth of a reliable home.

The lion does not quite understand how his father can constantly change his decisions and forget about his promises. And why does he clutch at a new business without bringing the old one to an end? But he likes that the father knows how to play, chat and dream with him as no one else can.

This father teaches his child to pay more attention to the surrounding world and enjoy nature when they go out together for a walk. He is able to help him to see and hear everything in a new way and then to embody it in creativity. Well, he sometimes looks with envy at his little Leo, regretting that he does not have his audacity and courage. And since Leo has a loving heart. Pisces will forgive him a lot, even his imperious manners. But still the Lion should treat his sensitive father more gently, and Pisces should often praise his child, because the unique personality of Leo deserves the highest appreciation.

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