Libra Child — Pisces Parent

Despite the fact that Libra is a sign of air, and Pisces is a sign of water, and therefore they belong to different astrological families, they have a chance to establish strong relationships when they are related by blood relationship. But on the other hand, the differences between them are too great. Libra these differences seem quite natural. Libra has a clearer mindset, they are constantly striving for balance, and the Pisces are more dreamy and eccentric, but they both strive for love, peace and unity. As a child and a parent, they crave for perfect harmony.

Whatever the sex of the Libra baby and the Pisces parents, they are oriented towards the feminine principles of passivity, beauty and recognition. They appreciate in life almost imperceptible nuances, giving a special shine and charm - in fact, they are both inveterate romantics, dreaming of rising above the ordinary and inexpressive. Together they have a special eye - perhaps because they look at the world through rose-colored glasses - but they undoubtedly notice a beauty that less sensitive people can miss.

Pisces Mother — Libra Child

Next to such kindhearted and sympathetic mother, the baby-Libra feels like an adored creature. The mother should try not to spoil him, otherwise he will begin to enjoy his benefits and become too demanding. So he needs a strict but fair education, a reasonable discipline and even some pressure, otherwise he can become lazy.

Neither Pisces nor Libra likes quarrels, although these two do not always live in peace and harmony. When the dispute is brewing, the mother prefers to just disappear... And Libra’s striving for peace in the family is so great that the child will simply try to hide his problems, hoping that his shrewd mother will not notice it.

Fish do not like strict certainty or clear plans, so with this mother Libra feel at times like in the open sea. A child needs reliability, because he is already being led by uncertainty, because of which it is difficult for him to make decisions. The mother must make every effort to establish such rules that would help to act with the greatest consistency to him and herself. She should see to it that the child does the right lessons in time and does not try to escape from the housework with the most charming smile.

This mother likes the warmth and care of her baby Libra, and for this she forgives him a lot. She is touched by his humor and charm, and she fully understands his need for rest. But it is difficult for her to manage with him when he starts to be stubborn and tries everything in his own way. Do you remember that if Libra decided something, they can not be stopped? So the unhappy mother will only have one thing: retreat… Fish is a creative nature, which means that the talents of Libra will not be ignored. This mother will be happy to develop her child’s imagination, putting her own soul into his success.

Pisces Father — Libra Child

This kind father understands well what it means to be a child. He will open for his little Libra world of painting, artistic expression and music, developing his creative imagination. They both appreciate the beauty and will be happy to go to museums or exhibitions together. Father-Pisces wants the child to love him, so he will not show special severity. And still some limits are needed, otherwise the child will become too capricious and demanding. Well, strict discipline and fair rules Libra only benefit.

Father-Pisces sometimes becomes a victim of his own emotions, and outbursts of paternal anger deprive the child of peace of mind. He can think that all this is his fault, even if it is not connected with him. Father needs to explain everything to little Libra, because this child is so important to know that they love him!

The father needs to remember that Libra likes to be in society, showing off. Well, Pisces so absorb the emotions of others that even begin to behave like them... So the father, unlike his child, quickly gets tired in public, and he needs rest. Libra, too, need rest, but rather it is associated with ups and downs in work.

The Libra child feels that it is difficult for him to understand his unusual father, who may forget what he said, and does not always answer questions directly. This makes Libra feel uncomfortable, and this child needs a sense of resilience to understand how to cope with life.

Father-Pisces must be more straightforward with his child. He needs to learn how to solve all problems as they arise, not to leave them. And he needs to learn a stable way of life, combining this with sufficient freedom to give the small Libra an opportunity to feel calm and active. Well, as for entertainment, this father comes up with a great many of them, so the child-Libra will someday remember childhood, as the most wonderful time of his life.

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