Pisces Child — Pisces Parent

The symbol of Pisces is two fish, and when the Pisces appears in the Pisces, they experience a feeling of complete perfection; They found their half. Symbolically, they swim in opposite directions and can feel this way, because Pisces is unpredictable in their actions. However, the parent and child born under the sign of Pisces feel themselves to be a single being due to the merging of souls.

Sometimes it seems that Pisces knows everything, but they do not try to look like a know-it-all. Babies-Pisces all seem to show that they already were in this world, and therefore, can afford to accept everything that happens in it without resistance. Pisces does not need to fight with his head against a stone wall, because when they find out something, they think that they remember what is already known, and do not open something for the first time. And no one will support this Pisces better than the parent-Pisces who is not inclined to push and insist.

Pisces Mother — Pisces Child

These two perfectly understand each other. And although Fish usually believes that it is better to say what others want to hear from her, with such a caring mother she will not be afraid to say whatever she thinks. Or feels… In this mother, there is so much kindness, participation and spiritual concern that next to her little Fish looks completely calm.

Mom-Pisces listens to their child, and the special intuition of the water sign helps her to feel any fears and anxieties of the little Fish. It is not surprising that this mother is full of compassion and understanding and is always ready to help her child. Mama-Pisces has a great imagination, is able to inspire her child to work and is always happy to join the children’s games. Little Fish will appreciate this, because few people get such education. But do not think that everything is so cloudless - there are no problems without any problems.

These two are inclined to question their abilities, so that Senior Fish will not be easy to teach Fish-younger self-confidence. She should not spare words of praise and encouragement for the child to believe in their abilities. Fish is not very disciplined and sometimes too flexible. This can lead to the fact that the younger fish will become too demanding and even capricious.

On the other hand, it is good for this child if they are not commanded, because he does not tolerate being shouted at. Mother will try so that her child does not lose his individuality, and nothing will impose him. Perhaps, Pisces Jr. will lack practical help, but there will be lots of love and fun, but this is what Fish needs most.

Pisces Father — Pisces Child

The father-Pisces’ sensitivity to the child means that he will not constantly force the child to swim out into the open sea. It will allow the Pisces to develop without building grandiose plans for them. Pisces suffer when they are taken from the habitual depths, and therefore they value the opportunity to rejoice in their achievements, and not rush to the next goal.

Little Fish is delighted that her father perceives her as a kind, caring, creative person, and is not she the same? He will not demand too much from her, but will try to teach his child to deal better with other people. Good manners and reasonable standards of behavior, in his opinion, are simply necessary, besides, he would not want his child to be known in society as an eccentric.

True, a small fish can be somewhat embarrassed by the lifestyle that her father chose for himself. He so easily changes his mind and never makes any definite plans! Maybe she would have behaved the same way, but while she is still a child, she needs a sense of stability and well-being. The father has to admit that he is leading a somewhat unorganized life, and it would be good if for the sake of the child he managed to get a little clever.

From time to time he has nervous breakdowns. Of course, he tries to control the whirlpool of his emotions, but in a critical situation he may explode. It is important that the child knows that the father is not irritated at all through his fault. Little Fish takes everything too seriously and is inclined to blame everything for herself only, falling into a gloomy mood.

Both sin sometimes embellishing the truth and should try not to mislead each other. They seem to be able to change their behavior depending on who is near, and sometimes it is not easy to understand where they are real.

Both are careless about money, but they are kind and impressionable. The father will try to help the child develop his creative abilities and choose in life exactly the way that he is destined for. He is pleased that his child is so similar to himself, and his Pisces is happy because she is loved and understood.

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