Sagittarius Child — Pisces Parent

Sagittarius and Pisces are tuned to various vibrations of life. Sagittarius enthusiastically rushes forward, confident that if he wants anything, then he will get it, and the Pisces go with the flow, receiving and accepting everything that comes in the way. Both of them, however, firmly believe in life and believe that everything that happens has its own reasons, and success awaits at the nearest angle. Optimism and ability to find the significance of what is happening, inherent in Sagittarius and Pisces, have a beneficial effect on others.

Of course, when Sagittarius and Pisces are bound by the relationship between the parent and the child, they involuntarily feed each other with positive energy. The child-Sagittarius fills the atmosphere with merriment. His energy seems inexhaustible, cheerfulness and enthusiasm make ideals a reality.

Pisces Mother — Sagittarius Child

This mother is ready to dissolve in her child: she is interested in all his hobbies, does not require him to help around the house, but she is always and everywhere ready to help him. She accepts all that is interesting for the future of Sagittarius, and offers him such unusual, stunningly interesting excursions that will later make his memories of childhood the most vivid and unforgettable. Mom-Pisces is very artistic, so she will be able to awaken the creative abilities of Sagittarius, and her unusual intuition will help to catch the almost imperceptible moment when her child begins to lose confidence.

But from time to time the Pisces can get tired of its full fire of little Sagittarius. There is so much impulsive enthusiasm in him, and Fish is exactly that mother who needs to rest. Besides, it is not always easy for her to cope with the fervent disposition of her child. Sometimes she allows him to utter insolence and leave, escaping punishment, but if she is brought to the limit, she may explode. Sagittarius rarely wants to offend anyone - it’s just that he is a little hasty and not too tactful, and therefore able to say something hotly without thinking. He is ready to make eye contact with the most bitter truth, which is very offensive to his vulnerable mother...

Pisces often has a somewhat mystical penchant for religion. Sagittarius is also interested in religion, besides, in spite of his ostentatious rudeness, he is essentially an idealist, and Pisces likes it. But the straightforwardness of Sagittarius can be a reason for mutual misunderstanding, because the Pisces Mom has a habit of avoiding the truth or avoiding emerging problems (for example, for self-defense purposes). The Sagittarius can survive a bitter disappointment if it finds that things are not quite as his mother said. With this child it is better to talk about everything directly.

Pisces like the sample children, and she will try to teach a small independent Sagittarius good manners. But since she herself leads a life that is not too organized, it is often difficult for her to instill Sagittarius with the purposefulness that is necessary for his multifaceted character. She must have to spend a lot of time to cope with this. Pisces mom is ready to share with her child all the joys of life - as well as the inspiration of creativity. She will try to make him happy, giving him the opportunity to be himself, and such a gift Sagittarius will appreciate very highly.

Pisces Father — Sagittarius Child

Daddy Pisces from the breed of loving fathers and with pleasure will spend time in games or conversations with little Sagittarius. Well, Sagittarius loves to be shown to him. In addition, the father’s intuition and intuition will make their relationship especially trustful.

But the emotional nature of the father is not only a plus, but also a minus, because that’s what makes it too sensitive, leading to mood swings or noisy explosions, when Sagittarius, unwittingly, brings it to the boiling point. Sagittarius is so rational that it can not understand why it should be so upset because of trifles. But he is quite capable of rebuffing, and in a rather sharp form, to which the Pope-Pisces, with his excessive sensitivity, is not at all ready.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are interested in much, and the child likes that his inquisitive father possesses all the facts to understand the essence of this or that phenomenon. Both like to discuss new ideas, but, perhaps. Sagittarius disappoints that his father does not always share his enthusiasm. But after all, Sagittarius is entertained by the reasoning itself on this or that occasion! And he does not want the father to question his plans, proving that they can never be realized.

But such traits of character Pisces, as imagination and creativity, attract Sagittarius, who wants to know more about music, art, books and theater. The father happily tells the child amazing stories, engages with him drawing or takes with him to the exhibition, although at times Sagittarius would like to do with his father some more earthly things like playing soccer or fixing a bicycle.

Papa-Pisces always believed that all his children should be quiet and obedient, but the child-Sagittarius shows him again that life is not so simple. But in this child there is so much enviable energy and such an ability to put forward great ideas, although many of them resemble a crane in the sky! In addition, Pisces loves the logical reasoning of Sagittarius and the certainty with which he defends his right to self-expression. In fact, father-Pisces and Sagittarius are even interested in the fact that they, so different, are drawn to the same thing-if, of course, they understand each other.

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