Scorpio Child — Pisces Parent

Pisces helps Scorpio’s emotions find a way out. One of the reasons for Scorpio’s outward restraint is vulnerability and fear of attack, but Pisces is gentle and insensitive to him, so this child will feel absolute safety next to them. One of the greatest gifts that Pisces can offer as parents is to allow the child to be himself, without trying to remake him. The position of Pisces in the zodiac sign gives them a special understanding and respect for human nature.

However, the same qualities can serve Pisces badly when they deal with people who are persistently pursuing their own. With all sensitivity, Scorpio is strong, like an ox, and is determined to prove something to himself, if not to others. If the Pisces do not show firmness, the Scorpio child will be able to insist on his own. Pisces need to know when to meet the needs of the child, and when to firmly state "no." Scorpio is not a tyrant in miniature at all, but he is able to skillfully manipulate people to achieve what he wants, and Pisces likes to give.

Pisces Mother — Scorpio Child

Pisces sometimes it seems that her child-Scorpio - is twice as much as what she wanted! Yes, she dreamed of children, but did not expect that she would have such a vigorous, stomping, demanding little creature. Yet their relationship can be envied. This mother can connect to the deepest emotions of Scorpio. She, like no other, understands her child, because they are both signs of water and their lives are colored with feelings.

Both rely heavily on intuition, but if Scorpio tries in every possible way to hide their true feelings, Mom-Pisces simply obeys them. Such a mother can teach a child to treat his emotions so that they are not a burden to him.

The Pisces often changes their decisions, and the mood too: she lives in a ghostly world, where every day everything is a little different. And this is what worries Scorpio. He prefers that people are consistent and reliable, and wants to understand their own situation well. The Pisces avoids any certainty and does not like the rules. She is often angry if she is under pressure, and she just is not capable of tough discipline. So this mother soon decides not to pay attention to the vagaries of her child, rather than go to the conflict.

Pisces from the breed of mother, who are worried about anything, and Scorpio can easily pick up this habit from her. And sometimes Pisces seems indifferent - most likely because it’s time for her to recharge energy… But most of the time she does not skimp on warm feelings for her child, but he needs her love and participation so much!

Pisces Father — Scorpio Child

Dad-Pisces feels full mutual understanding with his little Scorpio. But kindness can bring him, because he loves peace and tranquility and is ready to agree with everything, if only the child does not bother him. Well, he wants to do everything his own way, and even angry if something is not allowed to him. The father knows well that the powerful Scorpio will not yield to anyone, and therefore concedes himself...

Of course, it would be much smarter sometimes to behave stricter. This child needs to be told firmly what to do and what not to do. He feels more secure if he understands that the father is able to take all decisions and that his child can not worry about anything.

This father is worth nothing to bring to the explosion, and then the Scorpio or walks gloomy, experiencing what happened, or laughs to himself, because he pushed his father to such a reaction. In fact, the child would like his father to be firm, reliable, predictable and strong, and all this is exactly what Pisces is trying to avoid. But this father will help his caring heart, because love works wonders, and especially with Scorpios...

Father-Pisces does not always do what he promises, and can change his behavior to adjust to changed circumstances. This afflicts Scorpio, who would prefer not to see such inconstancy. But the father opens before him a whole world of art, teaches us to love theater, music, poetry, and this is such an incentive for the creative imagination of Scorpio!

This father can puzzle the inquisitive questions of his child. But he loves to study life himself, so he will give pleasure to find worthy answers to this. He lacks the energy of Scorpio, but his creativity allows him to come up with a lot of interesting things to occupy the powerful mind of Scorpio. And although this father does not always know how to organize life thoughtfully and clearly, he will give his child the most important thing - love and affection.

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