Taurus Child — Pisces Parent

Strangely enough, but Taurus and Pisces perfectly get along together. Let’s start with the fact that parents’ responsibilities cause the Pisces to feel as if they were dragged out of the water, as many everyday activities depress them. And Taurus is very persistent in meeting his practical needs. However, Pisces sees the riddle in everything, even in how a small Taurus waving a rattle: perhaps he is the future conductor - in fact the Pisces have the most imaginative imagination. By the time Taurus reaches adulthood, Pisces will mentally represent him as prime minister, then second Pavarotti.

For his part, little Taurus is fascinated by Fishes parents, who are able to tell such wonderful tales and create amazing things from nothing. Since Taurus is controlled by the planet of beauty Venus, Taurus is receptive to poetry, which occupies an important place in the life of Pisces, although he prefers something more tangible than poetry-for example, cubes. In any case, these two have an innate understanding and sympathy and are quite capable of living together, despite all the differences.

Pisces Mother — Taurus Child

The softhearted Mom-Pisces wraps his child-Taurus with such a reliable network of love! She will calm him, if necessary, shower him with weasels and teach him how to dream. It will arrange for your child entertaining excursions, develop his creative abilities - and in general, allow him everything!

This is where the main difficulty lies. Pisces is not able to show firmness, so that discipline and dreaming is not necessary. The Little Taurus is completely left to itself, and that’s all it is for! But in order to feel confident and calm, he needs to be told what is right and wrong. Well, Pisces does not endure conflicts. So Mom-Pisces prefers to avoid imposing some strict rules or restrictions, if it provokes a protest.

A small Taurus can grow too demanding if the Pisces will not sometimes take a firm stand. In the end, she will have to do it - true, only when it comes to extremes. Pisces also knows how to get angry, and even very much if they feel that they pressed it against the wall.

One day, Mom-Pisces will find that it is difficult for her to cope with Taurus’s obstinacy. She herself is so flexible and plastic creature, able to adapt to any new situation, that it is difficult for her to understand a child who is not ready for change and opposes it. Probably, Mom-Pisces hardly ever did that. If she had problems, she preferred to simply swim away from them or close her eyes.

Taurus believes that his mother is very caring, but a little dreamer. She has a lot of impractical ideas, which are difficult even to connect with each other. Sometimes a small Taurus considers it his duty to bring his mother back to earth, where he can keep it under his control, making small remarks so that she does not again get distracted from so much-needed earthly problems. Taurus loves everything stable and real, reliable and reasonable. He wants to know his place in life and understand where others are going. He does not tolerate uncertainty and likes to live surrounded by familiar things, following strict rules.

But Pisces is not at all designed for such an organized way of life! This mother does not tolerate, if it tries to link it with any rules or material responsibility. She prefers to remain free and uses any opportunity for this. So each of them will have to make his step towards each other. Pisces, of course, need to leave a place in life for their own interests, learn to adhere to some specific rules - at least for the sake of their Taurus.

Pisces Father — Taurus Child

Good Daddy-Pisces is ready to spend all his time on a small Taurus. He likes to drop into the level of a child, play children’s games, especially if paint, tassels or clay are used. He understands his child if he wants to touch something, be it a soft pillow or a velvet back of a toy kitten. Father’s imagination helps Taurus, because it takes him away from a primitive view of life, allowing him to look beyond the usual limits of practicality and reasonableness, and does not this give impetus to the development of creativity?

Both of them like to eat deliciously, and both run the risk of gaining extra pounds. That’s who diet would not hurt! A father may decide that a small Taurus has a somewhat primitive mindset. His child refuses to do anything dubious or risky, and sometimes Pisces is even difficult to just entertain him. But in Taurus there is determination, patience and stability, which is so lacking Pisces. In addition, the father knows that his child has a warm and sensitive heart and that he is responsive and caring.

The father will have to admit that his Taurus is a materialist. Taurus can evaluate a person "by clothes," while Pisces value in people their imagination, the spirit of freedom and creativity. Taurus takes money seriously and would like to earn his own money as soon as possible. Well, Pisces is often difficult to deal with cash, and this father does not really care about savings for the future. He believes that the money will take care of themselves, and begins to worry only when they do not have enough.

Taurus feels best among expensive things: security gives him confidence. Father should remember this and take a more serious attitude to the material side of their lives for the sake of their child. Little Taurus understands that his father does not treat life as he does. He is ready to face problems face to face, and he has enough perseverance to overcome them. Well, Papa-Pisces tries to avoid embarrassment and not to allow confrontation.

But is this really important in their relationship? But how much joy and imagination brings to life the little Taurus his father! And in the end, is it so good to be realistic all the time? And who, if not Father-Pisces, helps Taurus to rise sometimes over all these too serious earthly problems?

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