Virgo Child — Pisces Parent

With the advent of the child Virgo in an adult family, Pisces has to forget about free swimming and from time to time answer questions, but by the time the answer is completed, Virgo will probably have one more question ready. As a sign of the earth, Virgo is able to return to the earth other people, even Pisces, who prefer to dream, fantasize and go with the flow. Since Virgo and Pisces occupy opposite positions in the zodiac, they are absolutely different, and therefore they are drawn to each other.

Virgo strives for order, forcing Pisces to plan the life of the family. In fact, many Pisces can be as attentive to trifles as typical Virgo, but they are able to make a small discount on unforeseen events. Pisces will ask the little Virgo: "Well, how are you today?", Wanting to know what kind of food she would prefer and what clothes she would like to wear. Pisces will devote the Virgo to something other than life, dictated by practical considerations. This is a completely new world for the Virgo - a mysterious world of intuition.

Pisces Mother — Virgo Child

Dreamy mom-Pisces seems to be a person hovering in the clouds for earthly and practical Virgo. Is it not possible to be more reasonable, organize an order in the house and take care of cleanliness? Prone to criticism, the little Virgo is asked from time to time by this question. But she can not complain that she does not have enough love, because Pisces is a devoted mother who will do everything for her child and will protect him with her own life if necessary.

Little Virgo is a sensitive creature, and it’s so easy to hurt! She is always unhappy with herself, and she finds it hard to believe in any praise she receives. Therefore, the deep affection of Pisces and her endless support are so important for this child.

Ideally, however. Virgo would approach a more strict and calm in its style of education with a well-established way of life. Pisces is usually not very organized and does not believe in planning their own lives. Fortunately, these two people are able to adapt, so both will try to change their behavior in some way, thinking about each other’s needs.

The fact that Pisces is not a supporter of firm discipline will not have much importance, since the Virgo is reserved and rarely allows herself to do wrong things. Mom-Fishes can be proud of the Virgo’s ability to behave in society! The Pisces lives in feelings that are deep and complex at the same time, while Virgo is more practical and prone to analysis, so that sometimes it seems to the mother cold.

The Pisces are difficult to react to the noisy demands of children, and she is glad that her Virgo is rather calm and does not often break the silence. Yes, and the mother herself hates controversy and can explode only when she was cornered. Virgo does not mind that the mother is discharged from time to time in this way, but she will be hurt if she is told some kind of rudeness, although she usually forgives everything quickly. The trouble is that the Virgo herself is sometimes capable of such sharp remarks that it is not easy for a sensitive mother to forget this. And all to put in order will help only weasel...

At times the mother can make the Virgo suffer, causing her to feel guilty for doing so much for her… Yet these two respect each other, and the Virgo, in response to the tender care of her mother, always has a little gratitude in store And a lot of love.

Pisces Father — Virgo Child

Father-Pisces is so changeable… Little Virgo is embarrassed, because she loves certainty and wants to know exactly what she will have in the future. Pisces is constantly inventing something new, refusing to live in a certain reality. This daddy still behaves like a young man!

Virgo would like him to settle down, choose something for himself, and in general would be a normal and ordinary person - like other fathers. But sometimes she is even glad that he is not like everyone else, because he is so kind to her, so caring and seems to understand her so well!

He likes to sit with her, play, talk, helping her develop her innate ability to communicate. He introduces her to art and music, encourages him to take serious lessons in school. He knows how to listen so attentively to everything she wants to say, and is always ready to understand her! But sometimes life gets so boring to him that he closes in himself and begins to avoid communication. The little Virgo is worried, and she begins to think that this is her fault.

Differences in mood Pisces can also confuse the Virgo. The father tries to suppress his powerful emotions, but more often than not it ends with another surge of irritation, and then he reacts to everything too grossly, because he is not able to contain the flurry of his feelings, as Virgo can do. Do I need to talk about how it upsets her! Pisces in every way strives for a quiet life, and it is difficult for this father to endure, when the Virgo begins to argue with him and to give terse remarks - she is not as diplomatic as he is!

Father-Pisces spoils his child-Virgo so much that someone else could spoil it. But Virgo, with her doubts in this, just needs. Pisces wants his child to fit well into society, and rejoices that the approach of the Virgo to people is most often reasonable. But it is not easy for him to implement the leadership that would help the Virgo to take the right direction in life. He is still trying to understand this for himself!

Pisces is difficult to be consistent, and the father so often changes his mind, which seems to Virgo absolutely indecisive. Well, how can she see in the unorganized father of that reliable parent who needs her? He does not show his power, preferring to be just another for his child. Virgo, of course, feels much better when he is struggling to put things in order and become more organized. But are these shortcomings important, if the most important thing is that the father is very fond of his child? But this is vital for a little Virgo.

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