Sagittarius Parents

Sagittarius believe in their children, in their prosperous future. They place high demands on school performance and the general intellectual level of offspring. Sagittarius-parents like to play with children, take them on trips, they can communicate with them, honestly answer the questions asked.

From birth, babies can be given to be raised from grandparents and only after some time they will be returned to their parents’ family. Now they will be looked after by their own parents. Sagittarius-Father treats tenderly to his daughter, but the son will be closer to him and understandable.

The dad demands that children always be truthful, regardless of the subsequent result. He will gladly go along with his offspring on a hike, go on vacation, and go in for sports together. Mother fills the house with fun, laughter, endless joy, inexhaustible optimism. Children simply adore her and prefer father, because they are extremely important to a healthy emotional atmosphere in the family. Mother will try to raise them brave, disciplined, honest and obligatory. The Sagittarius house is always filled with friends and acquaintances of their children, who are attracted by the excellent atmosphere and hospitality of the hostess.

Sagittarius Mother

Mother Sagittarius, caring for her child, discovers a lot of interesting things that surprise her. Love for the child, she perceives as a natural manifestation of feelings, without doing anything out of this supernatural. At first, she treats the child as an amazing and charming creature, then she begins to treat him like a friend and friend.

Sagittarius mother does not put before her child any framework and limitations, it takes him around where she walks and allows to do everything that does not threaten his safety and health. But such freedom and permissiveness, can give negative consequences. For example, a child will find it difficult to fit into the society, the team, where the rules of conduct are set.

To make your child happy, Sagittarius’s mother needs to go deep into his inner world, experiences and dreams. To develop the talent of a child, she should identify him in a specialized school or hire a tutor. In order for the child to be able to perform the desired regime of the day, it is possible that the mother of Sagittarius needs to sacrifice some of his passions.

Sagittarius Father

In the role of his father, Sagittarians serve their child as an example of sociability, popularity, sound judgment, deep generalization, innovation in science and art. Sagittarius rely on their knowledge, competence in a specific issue. They can give advice on almost all occasions. They want to pass on their knowledge and experience to other people. Such fathers are born teachers and educators. Therefore, they very much want to have children to whom they could transfer their knowledge and experience, or even share their secret thoughts.

In addition, the fathers of Sagittarius love to nurse their children, play with them in various games, read fairy tales. Their house is full of fun and friends. Even with older children, Sagittarius fathers continue to play tennis, football and other outdoor games. This is very close to his father with children, so they have close relationships for life. If the father Sagittarius leaves the family, then it becomes a tragedy for his child.

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