Aries Child — Sagittarius Parent

You can say that these two live like in a fire. Both Aries and Sagittarius belong to the signs of fire, and therefore understand the need for each other to burn for life. Sagittarius parents admire the enthusiasm and spontaneity that so often manifest in a child as a child. Consequently, the Sagittarius parent will encourage his lamb to release as much as possible a pair, where and when it is possible.

This approach may seem rash, but Sagittarius know what they are doing. They show wisdom, allowing people to be themselves, so that later in life they achieve their goals. Following the laws of reverse psychology and allowing a small Aries to exert their energy in full force, Sagittarius achieve that this energy becomes less volatile and more directed. Aries is not forbidden to pave the way first, follow it on the heels.

Sagittarius Mother — Aries Child

Mom-Sagittarius will be a worthy company for a small Aries, if we talk about optimism and enthusiasm. She is ready to treat her child as a friend, capturing him for herself and pleasing her with her ideas and fantasies. And they have a lot of them!

Aries all the time in search of a new one, so Mom, who endlessly entertains and surprises him, he is ready to adore! And she likes that her child has enough energy to keep up with her. And yet it would be nice if she stopped from time to time for calmly explain to Aries what she wants.

Such a mother spares no effort to educate her child and teaches him everything that she knows herself, without forgetting about encouragement. She creates him an environment in which Aries can develop her abilities and gain self-confidence, and teaches the child to listen to the opinions of others (an important lesson for the straightforward Aries!).

Unfortunately, everything is not so good when it comes to emotions, because the Sagittarius mother tries not to pay attention to her own feelings. Aries she may not seem very subtle in nature, because the mother’s rectilinear remarks can hurt him. Of course, she only wished him well and did not want to say anything bad! Simply tactfulness is not from her repertoire...

She tries to maintain the energy and enthusiasm of her child and comes up with exciting activities if he gets discouraged. However, her desire to jump from one case to another can be misunderstood by Aries, because he prefers to engage in something with enthusiasm.

Such a mother can easily cope with the restless nature of her child. She just drops everything he thinks, and at times quite sharply. But she is smart enough to understand that the aggressiveness and energy of a small Aries should find a way out: here, sports or other occupations that require full return are best suited.

These two signs of fire look at life quite straightforward. They are impatient, but they are pioneers, full of confidence in their abilities. They have one for two, a love of adventure. But both are slightly reckless with regard to money.

The Sagittarius mother is a very good example for Aries in how to treat others. She does not spare the warmth and caring for her child, who has these qualities to a lesser degree. She supports his ambition, teaches thinking and answer for himself, but Aries will help her see some of her beautiful ideas in reality. Next to the mother, born under the sign of Sagittarius, Aries will be able to always enjoy life, and he will never have a lack of friends.

Sagittarius Father — Aries Child

Sagittarius knows how to get your child involved and how to inspire him to great things. Aries sees ways to bring his father’s plans into action. Instead of tearing ideas apart in parts, like many others do, he will help his father to translate his dreams into reality.

Both are active, and both sleep little. The father will not put his little Aries to bed, if something interesting is broadcast on television, and even allows him not to go to bed immediately to talk about what he has seen. Aries adores his father for his honesty, although at times and can be shocked by his rudeness. And he does not like any jokes about himself, he is ready to laugh when it comes to others...

They are quite compatible pair - self-confident, mobile, energetic, able to enjoy life noisily. The father tirelessly makes plans, and the child rushes to action. Sagittarius is one of those who think quickly, and this gives inspiration to a small Aries, who pleases the father with his spontaneous statements and lively thoughts. He considers his father a wonderful, unique, full of fantasies adventurer!

A father can overdo by hiding his true feelings, because he is not thin in all that concerns emotions. Fortunately, any quarrels will be forgotten quickly. Noble Sagittarius will remind Aries that he is not too selfish, and teach him to enjoy freedom, without encroaching on the feelings and needs of others.

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