Cancer Child — Sagittarius Parent

A lively and carefree Sagittarius is unlikely to become a close friend of the shy and vulnerable Cancer. However, when these two meet in the role of parent and child, a touching affinity appears between them. Sagittarius is able to entice Cancer from the shell. The warmth and openness of Sagittarius prompt Cancer to forget about the usual caution and take risks. In the end, Cancer is surprised to see that the big world is not so terrible. And even if Sagittarius was mistaken (as is often the case with him) and Cancer failed, Cancer soon learns: if you laugh at a miss, the pain passes much faster. He takes lessons from the life philosophy of Sagittarius.

Undoubtedly, Sagittarius is not the most tactful of companions. The sensitivity of Cancer can be dealt a blow, as Sagittarius is rude. He will not try to sweeten the pill, he will speak honestly and directly. But is this so bad? At least, Cancer will know exactly what is going on, and not have illusions. The Sagittarius does not act with malice, it is simply incapable of a holy lie. Such a parent will show Cancer how to stand up for himself and not take everything that happens at his own expense.

Sagittarius Mother — Cancer Child

Lively mom-Sagittarius fills life with the shy little Cancer. She is always on the move, endlessly coming up with new adventures or organizing small rallies that cause both laughter bursts, and Cancer forgets everything in the world! This mother really knows how to get the child involved, and when she’s around, Cancer does not have time for a bad mood.

The Sagittarius mom is impressed by the imagination of little Cancer and his intuitive wisdom. She thinks that his remarks are exceptionally intelligent, and she likes that Cancer always counts with the feelings and desires of others. Sagittarius is an idealistic sign and loves to do something for others, therefore it gives Mom pleasure to see the manifestation of kindness in her child, and at such an early age.

But Mom-Sagittarius can not refrain from sometimes not saying anything out of place - Sagittarians are rather rude. Cancer will surprise it with surprise, but then run away to his room, because he is provided with a bad mood. But the mother has a way to get him out of there. Her constructive approach to life is so contagious that she can distract him from any gloomy thoughts. She knows how to open her little Cancer’s eyes to the fact that there are tons of ways to make life joyful and fun.

Most likely, Cancer thinks that his mother is a big spender. Well, she probably believes that Cancer should relax and spend some pocket money for pleasure. And although the mother may seem a bit frivolous, it is she who is able to give good advice, which can greatly help Cancer. Now if my mother was even more balanced...

Cancer prefers to stay longer in one place, but Sagittarius likes to change the situation all the time. And Sagittarius’s mother does not take feelings as seriously as her Cancer child, and therefore Cancer may have a feeling that he does not have that emotional connection with the mother that he would like to have to feel safe.

Of course, Sagittarius will try with all his might to create a good home, in which her child would feel happy. She will try to explain to him that life is too short to spend it on anxiety, and will help look at more and more constructively. When the mother is around, little Cancer life will never seem boring, because to him will be treated as the best friend and will allow themselves to be.

Sagittarians never look down upon children. Mom-Sagittarius, maybe, is not too practical and sometimes finds boring purely domestic issues, but she always comforts her child-Cancer, does not skimp on caresses and adores fun. Well, what else is needed for a good relationship?

Sagittarius Father — Cancer Child

Responsive dad Sagittarius will try to explain to Cancer that life exists in order to enjoy it. He likes to read books to his child and knows how to invent fascinating stories. Together they will be happy to dance, skip, play, and if Cancer takes a serious look at his father, he will make up some face so that little Cancer laughs!

Father helps to develop the creative abilities of the child, notes his imagination and artistic data. He will try to help him talk about his feelings, which Cancer definitely needs. His straightforward approach will help the Cancer child overcome isolation and not suffer from emotional confusion. Sagittarius believes that childhood exists for happiness, not for tears. And nevertheless, he may not be able to provide his child-Cancer with the emotional safety that the baby needs so that he can feel truly happy.

Sagittarius likes a sense of freedom and simply does not know how to live "on a leash." He is constantly in search of something new, and Cancer wants his father to belong only to him and often went home. In addition, the father is able to say something tactless or decide that he is fed up with all these emotions, and a small Cancer will survive.

Sagittarius will have to compromise and give the child enough time to strengthen his self-confidence and teach not to be afraid of life. He does not need to demand from his offspring independence, if he is not ready for it yet. For the Cancer child, it is so important that it is correctly understood and supported, helping to gradually become accustomed to the adult world. He should be encouraged to act, which would develop his self-confidence. And for this he needs to know that his father is always there, that he supports him and will not be angry and will not be disappointed if his child does not succeed.

The father should give enough time and practical questions, helping his Cancer decides on the choice of profession or solving with him the everyday problems of the family. True, most often Sagittarius is too busy or very much wants to be free and does not take his father’s responsibilities seriously enough...

Probably, one day Cancer will find that his father is an excellent source of information. He does not know how to keep anything to himself, as Cancer usually does, he just needs to tell something to another! But among his, at times, amusing statements so many wise truths! And Sagittarius father will appreciate his little Cancer for his amazing imagination, intuition and caring attitude towards other people.

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