Capricorn Child — Sagittarius Parent

Capricorn and Sagittarius are two opposites, despite the fact that they are placed quite close in the astrological circle. Sagittarius rushes forward, he hurries and can not sit idly by, and Capricorn, on the contrary, does not hurry anywhere and does not forget to look over his shoulder. Sagittarius is sure that everything will be in order, but for now it is necessary to have a good time, but Capricorn is not at all convinced of this: life can not be an easy walk.

Sagittarius is looking for an easy way, and Capricorn chooses the path of greatest resistance. The Sagittarius parent should be understood: as a sign of fire, he is inclined to stormy activities and reckless acts, and his child, born under the sign of the earth, chooses a more balanced approach. He will not hurry, because he likes to do as he should.

Sagittarius Mother — Capricorn Child

Mom Sagittarius in the eyes of his child, Capricorn - this is life itself, joy and energy. She is always in action, loves everything new and very talkative, while the small Capricorn is calm, serious and, probably, more thoughtful. But he learns from his mother to enjoy life - well, can you be bored with such a mother?

Sagittarius knows how to open up to his child all this huge world. She spared no time to carry him on excursions or go camping with him, and he only benefits and new acquaintances, and new impressions.

True, this mother is not given neither the ability to order, nor organization... Well, Capricorn without it is difficult to feel comfortable. Mom Sagittarius does not like that one day is like another, and therefore constantly comes up with something new. This confuses little Capricorn, who is suspicious of any surprises.

Mom Sagittarius is not always tactful, so it will not be easy for Capricorn. It is much more sensitive than it seems at first glance, and besides it is very self-critical, so the mother needs to learn to praise her child instead of making comments to him.

But next to the Sagittarius mom, little Capricorn is easier to get rid of his pessimism. Sagittarius helps him to believe that everything will be formed, and very soon. This mother will teach Capricorn to enjoy the journey and even risk - at least occasionally. Of course, the ambition and desire to succeed all the same outweigh in Capricorn interest in entertainment. And if the mother succeeds in something to entice him, it will be wonderful!

Sagittarius Father — Capricorn Child

Sagittarius likes to live happily, and he has a lot of hobbies. Of course, with him it is interesting, but balanced Capricorn he seems too restless. Capricorn does not understand why these endless trips are needed, if at home so well? Father considers his child a funny little stubborn, but, perhaps, can not fail to give due to his ability to concentrate, which can not be said about the very daddy-Sagittarius.

The father teaches Capricorn to draw, wants him to study music and a foreign language. He teaches him to read, expands his horizons and tries to turn learning into pleasure, inventing funny ways how best to remember everything. In fact, the father himself is a big child, and often Capricorn looks more mature and more intelligent than himself. But the father clearly shows him that life can be joyful, and such a lesson is simply necessary for this small serious creature.

Sagittarius always explains why he requires one or the other from the child, he is always for justice, which, of course, suits Capricorn, who becomes stubborn and intractable if he does not understand what is required of him. The father also helps the child to be more sociable and enjoy meeting people.

True, sometimes he expects too much from his little Capricorn. He wants him to match his ideal, and sometimes quite unceremoniously demands it. The father will have to learn to perceive his child as he is and appreciate his strengths - and the fact that he can be relied upon in a critical situation, and the fact that he really knows how to work. But under external restraint, little Capricorn has so much kindness and warmth...

Probably, Sagittarius is not one of those fathers who can provide a child with a sense of reliability, but he will teach him to answer for himself, to question any authorities more and find the best ways for self-expression. And maybe this father is not perfect when it comes to responsibility and fulfillment of promises, but there is so much inspiration in him that he shares with his child, that this will be enough for both of them for a lifetime!

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