Gemini Child — Sagittarius Parent

With the advent of the little Gemini, the adult Sagittarius finds his second half, full of mental energy, blinding the Sagittarius and interfering with striking. Together, Gemini and Sagittarius emit enthusiasm. The Sagittarius never suffers from a lack of enthusiasm, prompting the activities of his offspring. But thanks to the Twin in the flame of Sagittarius will constantly be added fuel, and the result will be staggering. One kind of these two is enough to tire any sign of land or water, but Gemini and Sagittarius simply do not have enough time to linger on anything. Without stopping the movement, they are able to build the most grandiose plans.

Gemini and Sagittarius need an abundance of freedom and independence, as well as the opportunity to get rid of the daily routine of family life. Together they can travel and do research. Sagittarians have unique views on the upbringing of children: they usually refer to children as small adults who have their desires and beliefs, as well as the right to exercise them. Twins really appreciate the opportunity to live without unnecessary bans and custody.

Sagittarius Mother — Gemini Child

Mom-Sagittarius is full of energy and enthusiasm, and her endless questions of her child do not bother her. It’s even cool to find interesting answers all the time! So she even thinks that this is entertainment for her. Among other things, this is a wonderful warm-up for the mind, and with this Sagittarius is all right.

This mother skillfully and cheerfully trains his little genius, and he quickly begins to talk, count and write. And her mother is delighted that she has such an outstanding child! She understands how his head works, and realizes that it is necessary to turn the lessons into fun, so that Gemini gets carried away. And she perfectly succeeds.

Mother comes up with interesting excursions that impress Gemini’s friends, and they together decide where they’d better spend their vacation next time. She always jokes with him, rejoicing at his witty answers, and, most importantly, she shares his optimistic views on the future. Life exists to enjoy it, and do not waste time! And everything is bound to be good, just have to believe it.

Mom-Sagittarius is more attuned to social life than her Gemini child. She likes to help people and is always ready to give them some useful information. And besides, she is such an idealist! Gemini prefers entertainment and uses his analytical mind to search for them. And although they are largely different, the little Gemini will admire his Sagittarius mom. She never lets him get bored, their lives are full of impressions and changes. And she talks with such pleasure with him!

Sagittarius Father — Gemini Child

These two are always busy and never silent. Gemini likes to hear his own voice, and Sagittarius is so excited about his new projects or just read the book that he hastens to make others happy. In addition, he loves to share his wisdom pearls with an intelligent little Gemini.

In his person he finds a grateful audience. Gemini is just happy to have such an erudite and sociable father. They are good making fun of each other and have a great time, putting forward great ideas or building unrealistic plans. So what? It’s not at all what will come of it, because they enjoy the conversation itself!

Sagittarius is more serious than his child. If he is interested in cars or computers, he will buy all the magazines on this topic and read them all day. Gemini manages to look knowledgeable, although he often scrolls through books. And he changes his hobbies endlessly. Gemini believes that he would simply die of longing if there was no diversity in life...

Sagittarius father has to admit that sometimes he is tactless. Gemini also has a sharp tongue, but at the same time he knows how not to offend anyone. Father touches the ability of Gemini to enchant others, but he is distressed to see that his child loves to lie. Well, the fact that he grasps for several things at once, Sagittarius does not bother. He knows how to find his Gemini classes that give him pleasure. This father is capable of good advice, which will help the Gemini to stand firmly on his feet and finish any business.

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