Leo Child — Sagittarius Parent

The appearance in the family of the Lion child for the Sagittarius parent is like a Christmas celebration: because Sagittarius seems to have received a gift that he always dreamed of-a playful, cheerful miniature copy of himself. But the Lion is by no means a small copy of Sagittarius. In fact, probably this is the single most important truth that the Lion must assimilate in his life: he is completely unique and does not resemble anyone.

Sagittarians believe in the development of self-confidence. As parents, they usually encourage their children to take full advantage of any circumstances. Leo like motives seem life-affirming. He learns that being outstanding is good, that you have to say what you think, and be yourself - in other words, do not hide your head in the sand. And although the light of the Lion is not easy to hide, sometimes he can muffle it if he believes that those around him will perceive a blinding shine with displeasure. But Sagittarius wants his son to shine with all his might.

Sagittarius Mother — Leo Child

These two are really suitable for each other! Mom-Sagittarius is a good mentor for a little Leo, and she manages to make his active mind work all the time. Leo does everything much better if he is encouraged and engaged in, and the mother likes to answer all his questions and participate in his games. She herself is still a child and will not miss the opportunity to play!

But when you have to cope with serious life problems, she is not always at the height - she would have gone with great pleasure to visit... But there is so much life in her that her child is happy about it. And since he is quite an independent creature, he is not greatly hindered by the lack of organization in her. In the end, he himself is a great organizer! And he must admit that she has much more humor and self-confidence. True, he loves home comfort, and my mother always drags him somewhere, although sometimes he would prefer to stay at home.

Both of them - both Leo and Sagittarius - are full of optimism, and they simply do not have time for whining. Of course, there are periods when the mother falls in the spirit (more often because of what is happening around), but the little Leo needs to learn to understand that it is not his fault at all. And the mother must remember that at such a time she must necessarily talk with the child, because doubts in themselves are very interfering with him. Probably, he will try to comfort his mother, and this he will succeed.

Leo loves new ideas, but there is no excessive enthusiasm of Sagittarius. The lion enjoys what he knows and loves, while the Sagittarius mother is happy to know the unknown. She will teach Leo to enjoy traveling, spending with him a weekend out of town or vacation abroad.

Leo likes her mother’s flair, imagination, independence and honesty. But sometimes, as it seems to him, it can be too honest! She considers it her duty to speak only the truth and can declare that her child is slovenly, just when he is going on his first date! The proud Lion is very hurt by such comments, although at the same time the mother does a good deed, knocking down the Leo...

But if she does the same with humor, her words will not hurt him too much. And if a mother tells her child something particularly enjoyable, Leo can be sure that she really thinks so. Of course, between these two signs of fire, quarrels are inevitable, but they will soon be forgotten, because there will be much more happy minutes.

Sagittarius Father — Leo Child

Sagittarius dad is a ball lightning, only very friendly. He is stuffed with great ideas and always knows what to do, what games to play and where to go on a trip. Leo adores the father for being full of life. And Sagittarius can not help but admire his child’s ability to communicate so well with other people. It seems that everyone is pleased to get acquainted with his little Lion, although the manners of Sagittarius itself sometimes force others to keep aloof.

Sometimes Sagittarius can say something wrong, but Leo is not one who does not notice it. And none of them will apologize. True, in the end the father will yield, and they will again become best friends. They just do not know how to be angry with each other!

Dad Sagittarius wants his child to really be the first and use every opportunity. Leo loves to prove that he is the best at coping with what he is taking, and his father will be more than proud. But his father does not care much for the practical side of life, and it is unlikely that he will spend enough time on his child. Sagittarius likes the idea of having children more than the difficult process of their upbringing, and from time to time he can just run away from all this.

Fortunately, Leo is endowed with strong-willed character and believes in his abilities, and therefore, even at an early age, he can be completely independent. And yet it is important that the Sagittarius does everything possible to strengthen the confidence of his little Leo. The lion needs support to become that strong and influential person he can be. Lack of concern for himself, he can regard as ignoring, so that Sagittarius must understand this and take seriously his paternal duties.

These two will be happy to exchange ideas that will take them to an even more beautiful, but invented future. They are not very interested in the details, but they carry each other with their enthusiasm, building the next plans. But both of them are sufficiently realistic to understand that this is just entertainment and that not every one of their plans can go beyond the scope of dreams.

The little Lion gets the impression that his father knows so much and that it’s interesting to talk with him. In addition, he is so happy to meet all the new, understanding the constructiveness of change! And the father is happy because his Lion is as generous, original and open, like himself.

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