Pisces Child — Sagittarius Parent

Sagittarius and Pisces are always in motion. Being mutable signs, they both know how to adapt to change and prefer something more than a sucking swamp of routine. The motto of Sagittarius is "ever higher and higher," he makes every effort to achieve the goal. Pisces loves thirst for adventure, characteristic of Sagittarius, but they are not as single-minded and persistent as their parents.

Since Sagittarians tend to lead a more eventful life than other people, they do not know when to stop and in particular - where are the frames that are acceptable to Pisces. Fish are well aware of what the surrounding people expect, and so they try not to disappoint them and do not admit when they lose their strength, feel insecure or bored. Therefore, it is Sagittarius who must stop and think over what is happening.

Sagittarius Mother — Pisces Child

Cheerful Sagittarius mom helps the little Pisces looks at life fun. She will be optimistic about the child with a lot of interesting things - and the development of speech, and drawing, and music. This mother will not forget to praise her little Pisces in time, so she will not have to doubt herself.

Sagittarius loves to live easily and freely, so that Pisces is not threatened with strict discipline. True, the mother must still make sure that the child knows how to distinguish right from wrong. In some incomprehensible way she manages to teach Fish that wise approach to life, which will save her child from many troubles.

Sagittarius mom also has a bad mood, especially when she feels that life does not correspond to her idealistic expectations. In such difficult periods, my mother should think not so much about herself as about her little Pisces: she can decide that her mother is upset because of her. In general, this child requires special attention. Mom will have to help the Pisces to concentrate on homework, to see to it that everything goes right to the end, and also to teach the child what it means to be able to stand up for oneself and how to develop one’s self-reliance.

Mom Sagittarius is honest and open-minded, she does not know how to conceal anything and does not understand lying. Well, the dreamer Pisces is ready to tell her stories, sometimes in order not to upset her. Of course, the mother will insist on the truth. She does not understand why people, and in particular her child, can not speak what is actually...

Both of them - mother and child - have increased intuition, but Sagittarius mother does not always understand the emotional fragility of the Fish. In addition, Sagittarius is too straightforward, and the Pisces too deeply perceive critical remarks. I’ll have to learn to keep my mother with the most painful remarks, no matter how they correspond to the truth! But the Sagittarius mom has a wonderful sense of humor, which can become the main basis of their relationship: a kind merry laughter will remove many problems in the relationship of Sagittarius mom and her baby-Pisces.

Sagittarius Father — Pisces Child

Friendly Sagittarius enjoys communicating with her child. Perhaps, Fish seems to him too quiet, but it will somehow benefit from his energy lifestyle! In addition, the father returns his dreamy child to reality, showing him that life is a very interesting activity.

Sagittarius wants his child to learn to sing, dance, draw, and even practice music. He takes the kid with him on vacation, because the new impressions so develop the creative imagination and give impetus to children’s curiosity. Well, if the little Pisces is concerned about something, Sagittarius will be able to restore her good mood, cheerful and calming her.

This father will always explain to his child what to do and what not to do, and so that he will gladly accept it. He teaches the child to think for himself, wants him not to give himself offense and not hesitate to state what he wants.

The Sagittarius dad will have to admit that Pisces is not as adventurous as himself, and can not always grasp the opportunities that he offers her. The Pisces have their goals in life and their ideas about it, and it may not be interesting for that interesting and practical affair that would draw her father. Perhaps, you should not deprive the Fish of her dreams, even if all this looks strange against the background of reality. But after all, the father at heart is himself a little dreamer!

It happens that Sagittarians find it difficult to reconcile with the fact that their children grow up as individualists. But no matter how the life of the Pisces, it is necessary that she felt the understanding and love of her father. And if all goes well, these two will remain friends under any circumstances.

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