Sagittarius Child — Sagittarius Parent

Adult Sagittarius and Sagittarius-child are very similar to each other: both seek entertainment. Since entertainment occupies the main place in the life, you can be sure: you do not get bored with them. Of course, the Sagittarius parent will not restrain the child and will only admire his trustfulness and openness - it’s a pity that not all people are so positive.

With age, Sagittarius acquires the ability to give up some tricks and think about before committing an act - because it inevitably manages to burn several times. An adult Sagittarius is able to use his energy more wisely, he acquires wisdom. But watching the little Sagittarius, trembling with excitement and lust for activity, the adult Sagittarius indulgently smiles, remembering how restless he himself was in his childhood.

Sagittarius Mother — Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius mom looks at the world through the eyes of her child, because she never became an adult! She likes to play with little Sagittarius and teach him everything that a child should learn. This mother always has correct and, moreover, funny answers to all his inquisitive questions. She will share his keen interest in adventure and will always find suitable employment for him. She is pleased that he reacts so quickly to everything and treats life with the understanding of an adult. With little Sagittarius, she again will discover for herself a half-forgotten world of curiosity, enthusiasm, excitement and ecstasy.

There is, however, one "but": Mom-Sagittarius worries little about boring household issues. So, perhaps all these nostalgic details of everyday life will have to be taken over by the father. After all, a child, even if he is Sagittarius, should not feel unorganized and disordered.

And although this mother is not very organized, she should help the child to decide correctly in life, not allowing him to try everything, but never to take place. If he finds his only right way, he will not turn him off again, he just needs help at the very beginning.

The child-Sagittarius is easy to talk with his mother, because she has such a wide range of interests! True, sometimes they can hit each other with their excessive frankness, although both will find that it’s funny, and just laugh at it. In general, they relate to each other as equals rather than as mothers and children. Sagittarius mom calmly looks at the fact that her child from time to time is at a reasonable risk. She knows that it is in his nature - just like in her. She is not against his travels, because she herself adores them.

These two people will never get bored with each other’s company, especially since the mother knows what kind of fair, fair and honest the young Sagittarius wants to see her. She will listen with interest to him in any dispute, respecting his point of view. She will show interest in all his hobbies and pursuits, supplementing his knowledge and at the same time learning from his child. Well, is not it wonderful?

Sagittarius Father — Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius senior in the shower is still a boy and will be happy to chase the ball or play with his child. Although he wants a little Sagittarius to learn to use every minute, he does not seem too practical when it comes to the serious aspects of life. Sagittarius dad is straightforward, optimistic and fully shares the enthusiasm and vitality of his child. In a word, they stand together when they play out their mother together, laugh together and generally have a great time.

But Sagittarius Sr. has other, more serious qualities. He knows that it may be interesting for his little Sagittarius, inquisitive and inquisitive, and he is ready to show the child how to learn. He will try to ensure that the child has as many opportunities to learn something new, and will surely take it with him on a journey, understanding his natural desire for wanderings.

Dad Sagittarius is usually angry if the child does not show sufficient interest in what is offered to him, but quickly forgives everything, easily forgetting the quarrels that sometimes happen between them. Usually this happens when both insist that only he is right, and everyone does not want to yield to another. Neither of them likes to apologize - a pat on the shoulder and a smile instead of an apology would perfectly suit both.

If the little Sagittarius seems uninteresting, the father will quickly cheer him up, because he does not need to act as a clown or to invent another adventure to distract the child. In fact, the father will do everything possible not to clarify the relationship, not to understand the emotional subtleties and not touch feelings, so that Sagittarius, the younger one should get used to the fact that with all the troubles he should turn to his mother.

Some daddy-Sagittarius are so busy with their many interests that they simply do not have time for children. Little Sagittarius, perhaps, will sooner have to learn independence, although for him it will not be a particular problem.

The father is not at all surprised by the child’s irrepressibility, because this is just an interest in life, which he fully shares. He also understands the desire of the little Sagittarius to be explained to him what is required of him, and not to declare it in an orderly manner. This father will help to disclose the creative abilities of the child, to develop in him determination and self-confidence. He will teach him to be himself and feel proud because he can be such a straightforward, honest and friendly person - regardless of age.

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