Scorpio Child — Sagittarius Parent

Usually, the society of Sagittarius parents is extremely pleasant: the children admire their sense of humor. Sagittarius never grows up enough to forget children’s games or prefer the rest of the house to adventure. Sagittarius parents encourage their children to act and in any case prefer the courage of shyness. In fact, Sagittarius does not know what to do with sudden attacks of shyness or whims - if jokes do not help, then Sagittarius hopes that the problem will disappear by itself. In many cases, it happens, but the Scorpio child is too sensitive and requires careful treatment.

Often Sagittarius’s optimism helps Scorpio to choose an easier approach to himself. Since Scorpio is so devoted to his aspirations, he feels emptied if his hopes do not come true. But Sagittarius is sure: life is something like a bus ride, if you miss one bus - it does not matter, because soon another one comes up.

Sagittarius Mother — Scorpio Child

This mother is always on the move, while her child prefers a more peaceful life. Mom-Sagittarius wants to get out of the house more often, meet people, exchange with them different ideas and just have fun. But Scorpio secretly wants her to stay at home more often, as it seems to him, she is a part of.

And yet Scorpio will benefit the sociability of the mother and her interest in life. Active Sagittarius mom will try to make the little Scorpio always busy with something that will help the child cope with a bad mood, with a feeling of jealousy or with thoughts of revenge for minor offenses. Scorpio needs to help feel happy and confident, and the mother will have to think about how to do it.

Mom is happy to note that in her mental development her little Scorpion is ahead of many. She gladly answers the child’s endless questions and spares no time for playing games with the baby. She is not a supporter of strict rules and prefers to accept what life tells her, she is not one of those who can be called an organized person. So it is unlikely that she will be particularly strict about discipline. But Scorpio needs a more orderly life, in which he could know what will happen next and what exactly is expected of him.

This mother is not very tactful, and Scorpio is more sensitive and vulnerable than it seems. And he can remain in a dark mood for a long time, experiencing resentment, and then calmly give himself an oath to ever avenge himself. Scorpio for all its external coldness is much more emotional than Sagittarius and needs endless manifestations of love and sympathy.

These two are so different! The secretive Scorpio is prone to seclusion, while his mother is friendly and honest and is ready to share with everyone and his knowledge and his mirth. Sagittarius enjoys traveling and change, while Scorpio is not so much curiosity as curiosity.

Sagittarius likes to joke, but Scorpio often looks serious. And if the mother is always ready to take risks, the more cautious little Scorpio will sometimes discourage her. But this mother will help the child to direct his energy to what really will bring him luck. They can have excellent business relationships, well, they can not talk about friends!

Sagittarius Father — Scorpio Child

This father treats his Scorpio child as the best friend, especially if he shares his love for Sport. He will do anything to attract the child, for example, gymnastics, because Scorpio needs to get rid of unnecessary energy, so that he does not have time for sorrow and pessimism.

Sagittarius, of course, likes the role of the father, but here he prefers pleasure, and not responsibility. But Scorpio is a child who needs extra efforts, because he needs both practical help and emotional support. He needs to feel confident, and next to such a freedom-loving father, he, perhaps, will begin to doubt the stability of his situation, so that from time to time his father will have to prove otherwise.

Sagittarius should not forget to praise Scorpio for his efforts at school. Scorpio intends to take revenge in life, and he manages to direct his forces in the right direction, and sometimes better than his father. But with the approval and support of his father, he has even more chances of success.

This father likes to open up to his child the pleasant side of life. He will teach him to enjoy singing, drawing and reading, or just enjoy what is: why take life too seriously? Father differs openness, optimism and straightforwardness, while Scorpio prefers to hide his secrets, conceal his grievances and stubbornly stand his ground in a dispute, not wanting to retreat. The best tactic in this case is a delicate treatment (although Sagittarius does not like to apologize too much!).

Father will try to explain to his child all his demands, and that’s right, because Scorpio does not like to be commanded. Well, it’s better to cope with a bad mood with jokes. Scorpio will sometimes feel that the father could be more predictable and manageable, but he will never forget his most important lesson: one should enjoy life, whatever happens in it.

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