Taurus Child — Sagittarius Parent

Rectilinear Taurus stands firmly on the ground and, looking at his Sagittarius parents is convinced that the horses also have four legs. So, they can play together, frolicking and naughty. But the trouble is that the rider sits on the horse - or rather, the Sagittarius - who constantly gives directions, shoots arrows and causes fire!

Taurus may seem that his parent-Sagittarius with one eye is always watching for something else, and he is right. Sagittarius is constantly thinking about what tomorrow will bring, while Taurus is focused on today’s. Undoubtedly, the Taurus child is fascinated by the excitement and energy that Sagittarius emits, but at the same time these qualities cause dizziness in the child. Therefore, Sagittarius needs to slow down a bit - that is, switch from the "forward" mode to the "game" mode.

Sagittarius Mother — Taurus Child

Unhurried Taurus will have to drive himself to keep up with his irrepressible ideal mother. Sagittarius Mom seems to live for two - she is constantly on the move, enjoying the changes and novelty of the situation. Taurus loves home comfort, prefers to lie with a book on the couch and does not want to be constantly set as an example of the eternally young mother Sagittarius. It is best to add two of their so different speeds and split in half! Let them try to come together somewhere in the middle. So Sagittarius mom needs to slow down a bit, otherwise the little Taurus will not have time for it, but Taurus will not allow some acceleration of life to get bogged down in the routine.

Mom-Sagittarius is full of interest in life, full of eternally new ideas and very energetic. Taurus has a more thorough approach to life, and he does not have time for tempting ideas and insane plans. He feels secure with what he has, and does not see the point in the changes.

Sometimes it’s just not clear which of them is an adult, and who is a child! Practical Taurus makes sure that the mother’s next plans are not an adventure, because Sagittarians always expect the best. Her plans may be full of holes, but they still give her pleasure. This involuntarily brings Taurus into raptures, but sometimes he thinks that his mother, perhaps, has enough over the edge. And then he regains his ability to act rationally, reminding himself of responsibility.

Both of them value the honesty and integrity of each other’s nature, although Taurus can grab at the brutal, spontaneous remarks of the mother. It’s just that she can not help but lose everything as it is! Taurus will not say anything about it, but only gloomily will go into a corner. And then we need caresses to fix everything...

The most valuable thing that Sagittarius can give to his little Taurus is a constructive and optimistic view of life. This mother will teach her child to look at everything through the prism of adventure, not money and benefits. True, Taurus would like to see his mother more organized and reliable; But he can not help but love her for endless dreams, fun and enthusiasm!

Sagittarius Father — Taurus Child

Athletic, mischievous Sagittarius is always cheerful. And I would like to convey a bit of optimism to my serious child: Taurus would not hurt to take an inspiration to look at life! The fascinating stories of his father in the evenings and the days filled with fictions bring little Taurus much benefit, only he is not always ready to admit it.

True, Dad should remember that noise and din should not be too much. His Taurus is a quiet child who likes to make something, do needlework, play and read. The father loves everything new, and his child is satisfied with the usual things. Changes are alarming him, because he is striving for certainty, and not for the next surprise at the nearest angle.

In fact, Taurus would sometimes like that dear daddy possessed more reliability, because in his mind he always has something new. And he does not have time to just explain what is happening. And he is not very organized and not practical at all, so it’s hard to count on him, even if he promised something. Sagittarius can get angry if the child does not accept his suggestions and will not share his ideas about the school or the sports section. A stubborn Taurus certainly does not want to do as his father decided for him.

Although Sagittarius likes to have children, but sometimes he loses interest in everyday life. And Taurus needs a lot of love and more proof of well-being, so father should not forget about it. If a small Taurus feels unwell or feels that he is not loved enough, he can completely quit obedience. And he would not like to be called too early for independence. Taurus is more suited to leisure, and he should have time to think about everything.

Despite all these difficulties, Sagittarius dad loves his child very much, and this is the most important thing. He will teach the little Taurus to enjoy life, and he will tell him in time that he can always find time to relax and slowly enjoy what you have.

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