Virgo Child — Sagittarius Parent

Virgo is quite a serious child: he is busy with observations, he forgets about games. Energy and sense of humor Sagittarius breaks constantly and visibly contrasts with the prudence and restraint of the Virgo. The Sagittarius will induce Virgo to do what she would have avoided, left to herself.

Spontaneity Sagittarius softens the innate restraint of the Virgo, Sagittarius sweeps away all her worries and doubts. Undoubtedly, he will be able to help the Virgo to show his qualities and feel more confident, but should not forget: Virgo was born to carefully consider the possible results, make practical decisions and not forget about caution.

Sagittarius Mother — Virgo Child

Merry Sagittarius mom will be able to show the Virgo that life is given in order to live, and not to hide from her or be afraid of something. She believes that to suffer from trifles, as Virgo often does, or to worry about what they think of her, it’s just stupid!

These two like to talk, and the mother is as frank as the Virgo is critical. Both afflict each other, but since Sagittarius is not serious for too long, everything ends up laughing. True, the mother must understand how sensitive her Virgo is, and see to it that her sometimes rude manners do not deprive the Virgo of peace of mind.

Little Virgo would like her mother Sagittarius to be more reasonable, practical and patient. Mother certainly pays tribute to her child’s responsiveness and his willingness to help others, because it’s so noble. But do not forget that the Virgo is still far from perfect and sometimes it gives pleasure to debunk some of the most awkward ideas of his mother. However, as we grow up, the little Virgo will find ways to translate these ideas into reality, and then the relationship of these two will bring both more benefits.

Mom Sagittarius has brilliant thoughts about how to entice his clever child and how best to give him an education. She will not leave any question of Virgo unanswered and will be happy to play with her. But when it comes to the practical aspects of life, Sagittarius mom may not be up to par. It’s hardly like the Virgo, who likes to feel that she is being taken care of properly. Well, Sagittarius mom can forget, for example, patting clothes or cleaning in the house, because it is much more interesting to invent new activities or entertainments for your child.

"Although this mother loves to communicate with her child, she may not have enough time or patience to prepare for the exam or make a decision about choosing a future profession." She believes that everything will be as it should, so why worry about trifles? "But The poor Virgo suffers and suffers if all the details of her life are not properly considered. And then, Sagittarius mom is really capable of giving very useful advice!

This mother can expect from her Virgo more independence than is possible. She must remember that the Virgo is already quite serious, just a little unsure of herself and she needs time to grow up. A Virgo brought up by the Sagittarius mother will certainly get a lot from her, and the more optimism and enthusiasm in a person, the better he relates to life.

Sagittarius Father — Virgo Child

This father is such an inventor that even a small little Deva will be delighted with his ideas. They are able to dream for hours about adventures, and Sagittarius will infect with its energy the more calm Virgo. If we talk about these two, then a puppy or a kitten will want a father more like a boy than a neat and judicious little Virgo who believes that this is too much trouble.

Sagittarius-dad and his Virgo-child understand each other well. Yes, from time to time they quarrel because she is too critical, and he is unrestrained, but they are able to adapt to each other, so that soon everything will be forgiven and forgotten. The father is more mobile than his child, he is disappointed that the Virgo does not always share his love of physical activity. However, she has a quick enough and sharp mind, and they enjoy living conversations with each other.

Father would like the actions of the Virgo to be more spontaneous, because he himself does this. He is annoyed by the methodicality with which she does everything, and her leisurely reflections, leaving no room for brilliant flashes of insight, with which the father is different. He just has to realize that Virgo’s mind works differently than his own, and if he is ready to understand the essence of what is happening at a glance, she wants to see all the details, no matter how much time it takes for her.

Father’s imagination is wide-scale and boundless, and Virgo on its background looks somewhat limited. Her view of life is practical, and she believes her father is a little dreamer. His endless plans upset her, because he seems to want to change things all the time, and she would be happy if everything remained in place. Virgo admires the kindness of his father, his willingness to help others and his kindhearted disposition. He is an excellent example of a man who lives not only for himself, but it reminds her of her own need to be useful to others.

But Sagittarius should not show that he is disappointed if his little Virgo is in some way untenable. The Virgo will be especially offended if the father tells her about it. Do not forget - it needs a lot of rewards and assurances that it is accepted as it is, despite its mistakes. And of course, it will not do her good if his father’s idealism causes him to be disappointed with every unsuccessful turn of life. Sensitive Virgo will start to think that this is her fault, and will be nervous for no reason. Let it be better that Sagittarius will try to give the Virgo some of her love for life. And then these two will always be friends.

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