Cancer Child — Scorpio Parent

Cancer usually causes sympathy for Scorpio. As a sign of water, Scorpio freely feels in the world of feelings, but his emotions can sometimes be frozen, like ice on the surface of a pond. At Cancer the soul is always unbuttoned, and hearing his plea for tenderness, Scorpio melts. Clearly, Cancer needs his love and support. In essence, both Cancer and Scorpio are crustaceans who try to hide their vulnerability under a hard shell. Scorpio instantly recognizes his own kind, and therefore can perceive Cancer in two ways, as required by Cancer, and allow his inner and outer sides to coexist peacefully.

When it comes to sentimentality and attachment to the past, the Scorpio parent will indulge the whims of Cancer. He knows that one should not encourage him to part with children’s shyness, a puppet service or a scratched typewriter. Things surrounding Cancer are connected with him with a lot of emotions, and he needs to know that all things in place are a kind of talisman. In fact, Scorpio also probably stores the toys of his childhood, but they are hidden - Scorpio does not display them on display. Hence, both Cancer and Scorpio cherish the past and do not want to forget it, from time to time resurrecting again. They need continuity.

Scorpio Mother — Cancer Child

The Cancer child treats the mother with respect. He is proud that such a strong personality protects him. Well, Mom-Scorpio is happy that she has a child with whom she is easy. Both of them refer to the signs of water, and everyone understands the need for another to defend themselves.

These two will only reveal their secrets to each other and rush to protect each other from any attack, giving a sharp rebuff to anyone whatever. Sometimes Cancer is harsh even with the mother, but Scorpio will quickly put it in place. In fact, the mother believes that her child-cancer is a solid crybaby, and with it you need to behave more rigidly. And although the mother is very emotional, she knows how to contain her feelings and is proud of it, and because she believes that Cancer should hide her emotions from strangers, as she does.

Cancer affects any roughness, because he feels everything is much thinner than it should be. But since these two understand each other without words, Mother Scorpio, probably, will try to cope with his "biting". Essentially. Cancer can teach Scorpio care, kindness and even diplomacy, because a small Cancer need to be raised through trust, support, love and encouragement. Mother Scorpio is able to do much to develop a child’s self-confidence, and certainly never should strike at his vanity.

Scorpio mother wants to control everything, besides, she is quite critical and knows that fear is also a weapon. But the Cancer child needs gentle treatment - only then will his amazing imagination and intuition, his creative abilities, develop. Cancer has great opportunities for self-expression, if, of course, encourage him to do so. Just listen to what amazing stories he tells! And how much artistry! Just need to help him show his abilities. But if he is confident in himself, his determination will even delight Scorpio.

Mom-Scorpio is able to support the interests of his child, but should not implement his own ambitions through his children. Such a mother may want to manage all aspects of her child’s life, and Cancer is so easy to keep under control! But it will not lead to anything good. What he really needs is a delicate support in his desire to achieve greater independence, as well as understanding, especially when his mood fails. And most of all he needs love, which would strengthen his sense of security. And Mom-Scorpio does not need to make great efforts to give all this to his child-Cancer.

Scorpio Father — Cancer Child

Next to Scorpio’s father, little Cancer has nothing to fear. This father loves the atmosphere of discipline and order, so everything in the house is under his control. He will not tolerate any stupidity and can be very domineering with anyone who does not recognize his rules of the game.

But - alas! From time to time, the Scorpio father is capable of rather harsh statements. Then the little Cancer hides in his room and refuses to talk for hours or get out of there. After all, he is so tender and sensitive and can not resist the power and authority of his father, although this does not mean that he is not able to stand up for himself if he feels that he is being subjected to unjust attacks. So be careful, Daddy-Scorpio, because you will not like it if you criticize your own child!

Both of them are quite secretive, but they can trust each other with their secret feelings and thoughts, although there will be times when Cancer wants to be alone. Scorpio would like to know everything that happens in the life of the child, and sometimes one gets the impression that the father is unfair. And of course the little Cancer will suffer if the father inadvertently manages with his feelings or shows his power over him. And he needs so much immediacy in expressing feelings, laughter and fun - everything that helps to remain cheerful and optimistic. The trouble is that the father is not inclined to express his feelings and often hides his own emotions away until they swim out in the form of intrigues or even revenge. Cancer will have to grow up rather quickly and learn not to depend on the father’s life, which is not always understandable, for Scorpios often carry such plans, in which children are somehow not taken into account.

Nevertheless, the little Cancer is very attached to his father. He desperately wants to get his approval, to which he is not always ready. The only way to get rid of the child’s affection is through cautious and calm support. Father should not be too pushing him in the direction he does not want to follow, it’s better to just be there when the child really needs help.

The father seems to the child-Cancer surprisingly active and strong, and beside him he feels calm. He would like to inspire people with the same reverence as his father... But Cancer is a more cautious person and will never take the risk that Scorpio is capable of. He will not seek adventure, because he is too concerned about his own safety.

Scorpio can think that he was lucky: his child Cancer can not be considered extravagant or too difficult to communicate. But one day he will have to discover that the Cancer are also capable of revolting. But daddy-Scorpio should please the fact that the child knows how to exercise his will!

Despite its complex nature, Scorpio will feel comfortable with his lunar child. He likes his sensitivity, he likes his imagination and determination. And most importantly - he feels that his child understands him and is always ready to be his support and protection.

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