Gemini Child — Scorpio Parent

Scorpio - the sea depths, and Gemini - a boat that rocks on the waves. They - the concentration of different types of energy, but still able to live together. While the Scorpion Sea does not try to pull the boat deep, and the Gemini boat does not raise too high waves, they will coexist in harmony and mutual respect.

Scorpio will have to admit that the Gemini Child is quite happy on the surface of life: there is so much to explore here that he does not have the slightest desire to plunge into the depths. But Scorpio is a sign that prefers to penetrate into the depths, the surface one never satisfies it for long: Scorpio needs to know more, feel, understand. Perhaps in the end he comes to the realization that everyone is born for his life. The only thing left for Scorpio is to give Gemini the opportunity to be himself.

Scorpio Mother — Gemini Child

The conversational Gemini makes Scorpio mother from time to time stop her ears, because it’s simply impossible to endure all this chatter! And yet the Gemini child with his clear eyes and a lively mind is her pride. Energy is enough for both of them, and the mother easily manages her wayward child. It begins to worry only when, it seems to her, he is leaving her control. Mom-Scorpio is pleased to realize that she is a firm leader, and she will not tolerate any objections, even from her little Gemini.

Problems can arise from the fact that Gemini wants to feel independent, so that the mother will have to think about how to give him more freedom, but at the same time keep it within the bounds of what is permissible. And she should do it, because then her Gemini will not be sad and angry, which irritates even more. The mother must understand that he needs new experiences and a constant change of events, and she needs to help him find what he needs. Gemini, it is so necessary.

Mom-Scorpio likes to keep the house in perfect order and in accordance with generally accepted rules, and the Gemini child is unable to adhere to something that can not be properly explained. All this routine makes him sad. He prefers an atmosphere that allows spontaneous action. Here, each of them must make a step toward understanding the other, if they do not want to constantly quarrel because of this. In fact, Scorpio even likes the cheerfulness of her child: it warms her heart and does not let her life look too seriously. In turn, Gemini would do well to learn the assiduity of his mother. And her strong support will help him achieve much.

Scorpio Father — Gemini Child

Scorpio father gives orders that his Gemini child is not at all ready to obey. He will even try to persuade his father to review such strict rules, but Scorpio is determined to maintain order in the house and will not tolerate any uprisings.

But still Scorpio fervently loves her little Gemini and, perhaps, will gradually understand that this child has the right to feel more independent than his father would have liked. It would be unforgivable to extinguish his enthusiasm and love of life, and Scorpio should behave carefully, explaining all his demands and letting Gemini insert his word.

Gemini will always want more freedom than a father would allow, so it is wiser to teach a child to rely on himself. Scorpio will have to admit that his own life is sometimes too complicated, and it’s better not to transfer it to a child.

Scorpio is very constructive when it is necessary to support one of Gemini’s many projects, although he is bored with the fact that he is constantly rushing about and changing his views. The father helps the child to follow reasonable hobbies and gives useful advice on how to succeed in a particular business. Just do not act on it more than there is a need, because Gemini will prove better if it has freedom of choice.

These two very sarcastically speak about others when they come together, but they also have some kind of conversations. They can argue about the changes: The twin wants them, but Scorpio does not. True, Scorpio will be more evasive than his child. Their differences will only help them with interest to get to know each other, and Scorpio will learn, probably, more often to smile. The twins will have to understand that one does not always have to look at life too easily.

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