Leo Child — Scorpio Parent

Leo and Scorpio must learn to respect each other. Both of them are powerful and strong signs, but the Lion is more open in its manifestations, and Scorpio is reserved and mysterious. As a sign of fire, the Lion is active, hot and enthusiastic, unlike a more prone to thinking, extremely sensitive Scorpio, a sign of water. Both of them have a strong will and are able to enter into a duel that would shame the Titans.

Willed signs tend to act in their own way, while Scorpio and Leo differ in their steel will. But that Scorpio did not sting Leo, and Leo did not slap Scorpio with a huge clawed paw, they both need to comprehend the art of retreat. Lions are not used to retreat to any of the inhabitants of the jungle, but the environment of the Scorpion parent is by no means a jungle, and Leo has to adapt to the environment in which he was born.

Scorpions do not particularly admonish others about their rules: most often these rules remain unwritten, but if you violate the taboo, Scorpio will let you understand this. Leo almost always and in everything goes beyond. The furious energy he radiates gives Lion the appearance of the master of life. This right belongs to him from birth, and therefore Scorpio should be careful not to suppress the desire of Leo, but simply learn to soften them.

Scorpio Mother — Leo Child

These two are very attached to each other. They love each other with deep and tender love. But they sometimes have rather sharp quarrels, because they are both strong signs that want to control the situation. The mother is sure that she should interfere with everything the Leo does, but it is very difficult for him to endure. He is a natural organizer, and he has his own, special methods of doing things. He does not like it when a mother hurries him or tries to draw his own conclusions: then he begins to feel that all his efforts are in vain.

They can quarrel on a grand scale - with stamping their feet and angry shouts, and both, irritated, will not want to talk with each other for a long time. But they should make up, how they will become best friends again. Of course, all this can be avoided if the mother refuses to try to keep everything under control. The Lion likes to command himself and will not tolerate being told all the time about what and how he should do. And the mother is better to respect his pride, leaving him the right to decide his own affairs.

Mother Scorpio wants to influence her children - of course, with the best intentions. Often she achieves from them what she somehow did not manage herself, and Leo will have to experience it on his own. But he himself is reaching for success, proving that he can be the first, so that he would be greatly benefited by the encouragement of the mother and her support in what he chose for himself.

And if they press too hard on him, he can be stubborn and stop doing anything, even if it works well for him. Then the mother should gently tell him the way out. And to draw a conclusion for himself that the main thing that he needs is that he is allowed to be himself.

Leo definitely like it, if the mother has enough energy to be with him on a par with. Both of them live a very active life, but at the same time they love their home, so that the little Leo will benefit from the order, stability and well-being that the Scorpio mom can create. True, she can decide that he should behave at home in the way that, in her opinion, is believed, and sometimes it will be difficult for her to transfer his unexpected enthusiasm, on the one hand, and the bouts of laziness - on the other. But she is ready to be proud of the fact that her Leo is such a creative person and so clearly believes in himself.

Probably, Mom-Scorpio will try to explain to his child that you should not be so self-assured and that sometimes it is necessary to show restraint and not to spread everything about yourself. She herself does this. But the Lion with his openness is unlikely to follow her advice... This powerful couple promises each other love and support, and each of them knows that they can always rely on another.

Scorpio Father — Leo Child

Proud daddy-Scorpio is delighted because his name continues to Leo. He is glad that his child knows how to stand up for himself and says what he thinks. And he is proud that his child is always at the head of the class. So Leo - this is not just a little clever man, but a worthy heir to the family.

These two have a very energetic lifestyle - both strive for leadership and want everyone to recognize this. Leo, in all likelihood, it is easier than with his father, and Scorpio is hurt. "Why does the whole family happily do what they want?" - Scorpio is surprised.

But it is better for the father to react to it calmly and not to upset his outrageous offspring. He will only touch his pride, and one day Leo will repay his father for such humiliation. The father must respect Leo as a person with all her rights, which include freedom of action - of course, within certain limits. Leo needs space for his own search, and he must find his own style, although he likes the lively way of thinking his father, his interests and his ability to act.

They often have lively discussions, and Scorpio will do a lot to widen the horizon of the child. He will teach him such behavior, which in the future will help Leo not only to earn money, but also to succeed in this real world. Scorpio appreciates the resourceful nature of his child and believes that he can deal with big things. But he sees that Leo often neglects small things and sometimes just lazy. The father wants to help him use all his potential, but to really go to Lion’s benefit, it should be done as gently as possible.

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