Libra Child — Scorpio Parent

As a child, Libra is looking for a guiding thread of life from other people. They would be happy to ask parents a lot of questions. But Scorpio is sure that the truth can only be known independently, and encourages Libra to look into her own soul. But Libra needs to find out what others think, in order to reach a certain conclusion for themselves. Libra will begin to ask your opinion, then put it on its internal scales, weigh it, balance it with the opposite point of view, and determine its own opinion according to the results. This is a complex process, but it is characteristic of Libra. They are able to see themselves only in a relationship with someone else. They do not represent what they are, until they know what qualities they lack.

In an effort to please, Libra looks friendly, balanced and educated. They act as they should, and apparently know exactly what they are expected of. But by and large Libra is in danger here: being too accommodating, they will face difficulties later in life when they have their own needs. Probably, no other sign of the zodiac is able to understand as well as Scorpio, how important it is to be true to yourself. The ability to make choices and act according to one’s own opinion is a guarantee that the Libra baby will stand firmly on his feet. Despite the talent to create harmony and to agree, Libra also needs to learn to say "no."

Scorpio Mother — Libra Child

Mom-Scorpio with her strength and energy wants the child to succeed, and she will not let him get lazy! Well, the child-Libra loves praise and approval, but does not feel pleasure if it is crushed. He is not as emotional as his mother, and he has his own way. Of course, he needs a well-thought-out leadership, but not an encroachment on his life. The Libra child needs to learn how to make decisions, but he will never allow the mother to always decide everything for him.

This mother creates a reliable house that is managed by her in accordance with generally accepted rules and where everything is always in order. This is just for Libra, because in this way much is solved by itself. The Baby-Libra only benefits from the traditional lifestyle of the mother, though if she does not too restrict it.

At the same time, the loving commanding Mom-Scorpio can constantly interfere in the life of his child and lose his temper, revealing that he does what he should not. She must respect the desire of her child to develop a sense of independence, giving him certain opportunities for this.

The mother notes with satisfaction that her child is rather cautious and weighs everything carefully before making a decision. She thinks herself over everything before she does anything! But she, perhaps, will decide that her child-Libra is not too open and trusting, she believes that it is better to keep everything to herself.

It can be annoying that Libra often change their mind; Because she likes everything to be decided once and for all and was under her control. But Libra should smile at her - and she melts... Of course, there are many differences between them, but they will always be drawn to each other, and in their relationship there will be a lot of tenderness and love.

Scorpio Father — Libra Child

The powerful and ambitious father-Scorpio rules the family in a firm hand, and he will not allow Libra to escape from anything by means of charm! In fact, the reasonable rigidity of the father has a positive impact on the child, awakening in him those qualities that will help him become a leader. It is important only not to overdo it with severity, because a child can become passive and indifferent in protest.

Libra manages to establish good relations with everyone: this child will have a smile for everyone, so everyone thinks his company is pleasant and cheerful. Scorpio also knows how to charm others, but this is just a mask that he wears to manipulate people. He excellently conceals his true feelings and... easily acquires enemies. Libra needs to grow up faster and stay away from the difficult life of his father. This child will be shocked if he learns about Scorpio’s intrigues!

And yet Scorpio wants only the best for his child. With what pleasure he makes gifts to him! And he should be no less generous with respect to his love... Both of them like to discuss some new ideas, and the baby-Libra will be satisfied with the serious answers of his father to all his questions. But Scorpio’s intuition promptly tells father that the child has problems, which he hides - this father can read minds.

True, sometimes he is too intrusive about his opinions, believing that he knows best how and what should be done. And Libra needs only encouragement to find its own methods of action and its own solutions. And yet the father’s enthusiasm serves as a good example and a wonderful impetus for action for the little Libra. His support and guidance with a tactful approach will in fact help Libra achieve a lot.

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