Pisces Child — Scorpio Parent

Externally, Scorpio holds with such self-control that many do not realize the degree of his inner sensitivity. Scorpio wears a mask that hides his vulnerability, and removes it only before those who truly trust. In essence, Scorpio lacks faith in life, and this faith and openness he discovers in the nature of the child-Pisces.

Scorpio immediately understands that Pisces has found a soul mate, but he is so worried about the fact that life will break Pisces, which can not but wish the Pisces to hide their feelings. In essence, Pisces does not know how to get rid of trouble by resorting to disguise, but they take on the same form as others, while Scorpio simply hides his eyes under dark glasses, forcing people to speculate. Pisces is the most mobile of signs of water, and therefore they are least afraid of being caught unawares.

Scorpio Mother — Pisces Child

Mom-Scorpio will see to it that her child has something to do: then he simply will not have time for dreams! True, this mother with her energy can persistently and unconditionally push the Fish in a direction that she does not like. The Pisces is much closer to the creative work, not related to the special framework of business relations, but not the career that her mother intended her to do.

Although both of them are endowed with increased intuition and emotionality, the mother is able to surround herself with a solid protective shell and each time is surprised at how defenseless her child is. The Pisces are much more vulnerable and unable to hide or control their feelings the way Scorpio does. Of course, the mother wants her child-Pisces to learn to be firmer! Mom-Scorpio must understand that it is she who will have to protect her child from many things until he learns to answer for himself. The Pisces is so vulnerable and so lightly injured that it is necessary to train its steadfastness very carefully!

Scorpio is not difficult to get people out of their secrets, and her child-Pisces is also endowed with this talent. But he does not want even my mother knew everything about him, and will in every possible way shy away from the truth in order to prevent the mother from discovering something that is capable of upsetting her. Of course, Scorpio mom will be angry if she realizes that Fish is misleading her, but it’s better to do without scandals. All these scenes Pisces takes too seriously and then suffers for a long time, losing self-confidence and underestimating their own self-esteem.

Pisces often enjoys the fact that it has a talent for captivating people, while Scorpio prefers to manipulate them. The attitude of Pisces to money seems to the mother to be absolutely irresponsible, and besides, she does not like that her pliant child often forgets about her own interests, regretting others. But the kindness of Pisces makes the heart of the Scorpion mother warm, and she even wants to learn the solicitude of her tender child...

Scorpio Father — Pisces Child

Child-Pisces is able to look into the depths of the soul of his father-Scorpio. Fish want to know if their father is talking with God and why he does not talk with Aunt Vera. Father Scorpio is much easier to retell his conversations with the bank manager, but he will have to fulfill the desire of Pisces, who are not interested in material problems, but what happens in the souls of people and between them. For Pisces this is the basis of life, and it is of great interest to Scorpio - only Scorpio does not admit this.

Daddy-Scorpio likes to scare Fish with terrible stories, but it’s more important that he does not scare her in real life with his habit of command and command. The Pisces needs love and support, otherwise it’s hard for them to learn how to value their positive qualities, which are really many. Well, excessive rigidity will certainly deprive her of self-confidence.

Scorpio lives a difficult life, which is inaccessible to the understanding of Pisces. He is able to engage in some kind of intrigue, can think about revenge or conspiracy, and moreover, easily acquires enemies. The fish need to become sufficiently independent and, in general, not to touch the dark sides of the father’s life, otherwise it will suffer. It is much simpler than he, more open and full of the best intentions. Scorpio can also seem friendly and open, but there is always a danger that, in fact, it is not so: he knows how to hide his genuine feelings like no other!

It is difficult for a Pisces to resist his Scorpio father, who will always impose his point of view on her. He does not doubt that he knows the only true solution for everything, but the path chosen by him can be too narrow for the Pisces, which has completely different goals. Pisces can forget about their own needs, trying to please their father, but the benefits of this will be small. So my father will have to make an effort, but to help Fish find the only true way in life. By imposing their views on her, he will only confuse it even more.

The father is glad that the Fish is not one of those who are so tempted to risk, because it makes it easier to control it. But if the child does not justify his father’s expectations, Scorpio should not react too sharply to this. Hard criticism only leads to the fact that the Pisces will learn or behave even worse. Love and care, real help and approval will help much more. If Scorpio remembers this and is able to be not too hard-hitting father, they will have a good relationship, full of trust and understanding.

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