Sagittarius Child — Scorpio Parent

Sagittarius is usually too in a hurry to explore life at a deep level, like Scorpio. Hardly having time to shoot an arrow in one target, Sagittarius rushes to the next, not noticing whether he fell or missed. There is always a movement near Sagittarius: he is in a hurry somewhere, making an endless journey, finding no time to stop, since he has not yet had much to see. Scorpio does not suffer from slowness, but focuses on issues that interest him, and continues to delve into until he is satisfied that he has reached the point - only after that he is ready to move on.

The nature of these relationships depends on whether the Scorpio parent Sagittarius will rush from side to side, grab for two things at once, and whether it will be able to suppress the desire to keep Sagittarius. Sagittarius is born to play life. He’s a joker, a free bird, you can not keep him on a leash. Of course, there is often the impression that Sagittarius is dangerously out of control, and this causes Scorpio to feverishly press all buttons. Scorpio so reliably holds in the hands of himself that the next step inevitably becomes an attempt to control other people. But who controls the controlling side of the nature of Scorpio? After shaking himself psychologically, the Scorpio can feel freer and give vent to Sagittarius, allowing him to control his own emotions.

Scorpio Mother — Sagittarius Child

This mother will not yield to the energy of her restless Sagittarius-child. They will spend a lot of time together, and with pleasure, until the mother begins to aggressively push Sagittarius in the direction that it has defined for him - because of their own ambitions.

Sagittarius is not one of those who will allow the mother to control herself too much, although Scorpio Mom considers it her duty to be the main and lead in the family. Of course, we must admit that she is able to help Sagittarius achieve more than he could himself. She constantly supports him, encouraging and approving, and is ready to invest money in his hobbies. But what about her desire to keep his life under control?

This mother is able to tame the irrepressible Sagittarius and cope with his disorder, to establish in the house a reasonable order and fairly strict rules. But she must be careful not to crush Sagittarius’s ability to spontaneity and immediacy. She likes his imagination and his ability to defend his case, although she may find that it is not so easy to make him obedient. Merry Sagittarius believes that the mother is too serious. Well, he loves most of all when she smiles or plays with him.

Mom-Scorpio thinks that her Sagittarius is too honest and that sometimes he takes risks that she does not understand. She will even try to hold him at home, but she can hardly do it: if Sagittarius rushes forward, it can not be stopped.

Of course, Sagittarius treats the mother with respect: she looks at life with the same interest and curiosity as he does, but at the same time he can see the very essence. And how she translates her ideas into reality! True, her insistent desire to dispose of everything can force Sagittarius to run away from home early, but he always knows that he is loved and taken care of. Just need to give Sagittarius a little more freedom - and everyone will be happy.

Scorpio Father — Sagittarius Child

To his strict daddy-Scorpio, Sagittarius is wary: he makes it clear to Sagittarius that he will not tolerate either his unauthorized absences from home or selfish behavior. Such a demanding father seems to Sagittarius rather painful, but it is quite balanced by father’s love. Scorpio will not hide his feelings, looking at his growing child. For his sake Scorpio is ready for a lot and, of course, wants to help his offspring achieve something in life.

Some Scorpio fathers are so rigid that children start to fear them. Such a father can demand obedience from all and severely give orders. But it would be good for him to consider that Sagittarius behaves better when he is happy and carefree. Over it you can not hang like a black cloud - it should feel free.

Papa-Scorpio is not always able to understand Sagittarius’s craving for constant change, as well as his interest in everything new. Perhaps the father will insist on his point of view, believing that he is right, but, perhaps, he would have acted sensibly, allowing his child to act on his own.

Scorpio would like to keep the whole family under control. It seems to him that Sagittarius is too open, and he is afraid that he will not keep family secrets, which should always be locked up. Sagittarius seems beyond the years intelligent - Scorpio sometimes fears that the child understands too much of what is happening around.

Scorpio can respond to the actions of the little Sagittarius with a keen remark, although more often he just does not pay attention to him, which is much more offensive! But if the unrestrained Sagittarius learns some tact, he will see that his father is immensely devoted to him, and this can not be valued.

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