Scorpio Child — Scorpio Parent

Only Scorpio is able to fully understand the external calm and internal storm characterizing this sign. Scorpios take to heart everything that matters to them. Especially in childhood, when they are still learning the restraint that helps them later in life, they can be taken out of balance by the power of their own feelings. Scorpio parent will not miss this stage, and if he managed to cope with his own emotional nature, he will induce the little Scorpio to follow his example.

In no way awakening each other’s worst feelings, the two Scorpios in one family establish a special relationship among themselves. They know how to avoid friction and not turn to each other tail, equipped with a sting. The solution of the Scorpios’ mutual understanding is that they are not afraid of each other. Parents born under the sign of the air may be completely taken aback by trying to understand the Scorpion child, but the Scorpio parent is tuned to internal vibrations of immense power.

Scorpio Mother — Scorpio Child

These two conquer their place in life with the same energy of Mars and the same ambition. Mom-Scorpio decisively adjusts his child to success, but her offspring wants to be among the best. And it is unlikely that together they will fail! The mother’s enthusiasm and her desire to help is, of course, wonderful, but if she is too insistent, her little Scorpio will probably rebel. He is determined to find his own way in life, and he will not like it if the mother wants her child to carry out her own failed dreams.

This pair of Scorpios must see to it that they do not provoke each other to quarrel. Their emotions are constantly warming up the militant Mars, and between them, from time to time, disagreements are inevitable. Both want to do everything in their own way, and they are not going to retreat. These two can stay for a long time in a gloomy mood, while making endless attempts to play on each other’s emotions. In this case, it is best for them to do business and not show all such unattractive features of Scorpios as jealousy, bad mood, vindictiveness and the desire to control everything.

This mother has enough energy to cope with her difficult child, but she needs to see to it that the child grows without undue interference on her part. Scorpios often want to establish their control over everything that catches their eye, and the mother can not imagine that her children can have secrets from her. But she must understand that the little Scorpio is arranged just like herself, and also has the right to independence.

Mother will do a lot to ensure that her child grows in a favorable environment. Scorpio loves order and respects the rules. She is a supporter of strict discipline and not a fan of surprises. She believes that life must be predictable, and that’s what the little Scorpio thinks, so the situation in this house will be of use to him.

None of these two are inclined to share their feelings with others, so the Scorpio child may seem a little mysterious even to his own mother. But how much fun the mother will receive, answering all the questions of her child! Both of them value each other’s inquisitive mind, true, provided that neither of them interferes in the affairs of the other. If they learn to respect each other’s independence, their relationship will be truly beautiful.

Scorpio Father — Scorpio Child

Scorpio-dad is really a devoted father who desires his family only good things, although it is not always clear to his relatives... Most often he is quite a busy person, absorbed in his own affairs, and his very complicated life, filled with intrigues, is sometimes too far from life child.

Little Scorpio will have to learn some independence, which is not always easy: it may turn out that this child is very dependent on parents emotionally, although he pretends that this is not so. He must constantly be assured that he is loved, because he is much more touchy than you can think. Little Scorpio is capable of experiencing anxiety or being in a gloomy mood if, in his family, it seems to him that something is wrong, and the father will have to use his intuition to better understand how to help his child.

The father should be more careful with his habit of command. He believes that he can take control of his child’s life, but he would not mind remembering that the younger Scorpio will take it painfully, although he will have a pretty aggressive look. Pope Scorpio is better to use his management skills to bring in the house that reasonable order, in which the little Scorpio would feel calm and confident.

Both of them do not like changes and do not want to adapt to them. They are suspicious of new ways of doing things, preferring traditional methods. None of them will flaunt their feelings, and any emotions will try to control. But if the feelings driven inward will still break out, it is fraught with clashes. But everyone is endowed with an almost physical ability to see the most secret feelings of others and read their thoughts, and this art, with careful use of each other, will help the two Scorpions avoid major quarrels.

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