Virgo Child — Scorpio Parent

Virgo and Scorpio converge on views on a variety of issues. Both of them are natural observers, they view life and people as if under a microscope, trying to understand them as best as possible. In addition, they are realists who prefer to see the true picture. Scorpio parent admires the observation and receptivity of the child. These signs well feel themselves with each other, between them there is a special frankness, trust and mutual respect.

In the soul of every Scorpio conceals the desire to transform. Scorpios find it difficult to maintain the status quo, because they can not get rid of the desire to achieve better and contribute to change. Such a desire to move forward contradicts the desires of some other signs of the Sun, who want everything to remain the same as before. But Virgo is also one of the adherents of perfection. A child-Virgo likes to be encouraged to improve his skills, but he does not seek to achieve fame and recognition - he simply dreams of improving himself and does not expect more.

Scorpio Mother — Virgo Child

The stable house that the Scorpio mom creates will provide the Virgo with the security that she needs. Everything here on a strict schedule, everything in its place, well organized and under full control. A child of the earth. Virgo feels confident in such a predictable environment. But to the full well-being is still far away, and Mom-Scorpio will have to take into account some differences in their temperaments.

A Virgo may look self-controlled and independent, but in fact she needs more love than she seems, for without warm words, without participation and support, she will not get the right idea about herself. Scorpions do not belong to overly sensitive creatures (until someone touches them), so it is unlikely that this mother will respond to all the hidden emotional demands of the Virgo. Mom-Scorpio should not forget the following: A girl needs to be more often assured that she is really a respected, worthy love person, although also small.

Scorpio’s mother has a wonderful imagination, and her fairy tales, narrated at night, fascinate Virgo. Who knows, maybe they will help her to some day not be too practical! Both like to find out everything "from" and "to" where there is no need to be a realist... and always want everything to be done right to the smallest detail. Mothers are pleased to know that her baby Virgo will always try to do what is right, because he has a sense of duty and a desire to benefit others.

But the mother believes that the Virgo, perhaps, is too picky. She is angry when this rational and frank child notices her shortcomings or demands that the mother stop interfering constantly in her affairs. Mother Scorpio does not tolerate criticism and is capable of striking back when the Virgo is not at all ready for defense. The mother will have to understand that her child is particularly sensitive. In addition, Virgo is critical of others, but not to the extent that she is to herself. So after irritated remarks, only warm embraces can fix it.

Usually the little Virgo is ready to obey the rules of Scorpio, because she respects the authorities very much. But it is unlikely that she will accept the secrets or intrigues of the mother - this child wants everything to be honest and open. Scorpio should listen to his clever child, and not assume that the Virgo must follow the wishes of the mother, no matter how ambitious they may be. After all, each person has his own goals in life!

Scorpio Father — Virgo Child

Scorpio dad seems a little Virgo the strongest person in the world. He has a rather tough view of life, he is very influential and knows how to dispose of everything, that is, he is a person of this kind whom the Virgo would like to imitate, but realizes that she is not given this. Virgo loves to help her father and enthusiastically takes up the tasks assigned to him. Often, as a reward, he will give her some pocket money. And very specific encouragement will help her to improve her self-esteem.

Father, of course, will not leave the Virgo without work, and she will not object. However, there is a risk that even Virgo can not cope with all the duties assigned to her father… He wants her circle of interests to be as wide as possible, and will be pleased with the fact that her abilities find their use - he does not tolerate laziness. But from time to time he begins to exert too much pressure on the child. He forgets that even Virgo needs rest! And then, is not she free to choose herself, what exactly should she do and when? And Scorpio should remember that Virgo needs gentle treatment and that she worries when she sees that she was misunderstood.

Sometimes a Scorpio father can show his temper. He only seems restrained and cold, but inside he has a barrage of emotions, which is always ready to break out. Virgo is not so emotional and prefers logical reflections to bursts of anger. But she is receptive and not always ready to withstand the rigid discipline of her father. If the severity is less, the benefits will be much greater. Virgo will go on for an orderly upbringing, under which she will know well what is expected of her.

Of course, Scorpio wants only the best for his child and really loves him, but he must understand that his methods are not always suitable for a little Virgo. The problem is that Scorpio does not want to lose control over its family, no matter what it costs. He does not allow himself to relax and give his children the right to be themselves, especially in the face of possible changes. He is afraid that without his firm leadership, they will make the wrong decision and squander their talents in vain.

Virgo does not want to participate in these games of her father. She enjoys understanding prospects and finding her own way. But basically these two understand each other well. And if the father can become a little softer, he will have a good relationship with his little Virgo.

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