Taurus Parents

Parents of the Taurus sign have an inexhaustible patience, they are ready to endure the numerous tricks of their offspring and organize their everyday life in accordance with their children’s interests. Surprisingly, this attitude towards children does not exhaust parents at all, everything happens quite naturally. Children for them are the flowers of life, not crumb-snatcher and nerve-wracking, as adults, born under other astrological signs, can calculate.

Taurus adores nature and subsistence farming, so they are absolutely not attracted to mega cities. They are ready to settle in the village or on the outskirts of a small town. Taurus is a wonderful type of parents, combining a highly developed mind, kindness, developed intuition and common sense. These qualities will help best educate the younger generation and direct children to the right path of life, providing an excellent character and good breeding.

Adult Taurus has an unshakable balance, it can not be angered or upset. He is always ready to help his children with words and deeds, to guide them on the right path. Such a parent has a firmness in solving problems, patience, understanding, leisure, honesty, reliability. Apart from the cases when such a father falls into anger, he can be called an almost ideal father.

Taurus Mother

Taurus Mother has very strong feelings for her child and shows him love and care. She is very worried about any discomfort of her child and tries to fulfill any of his whims. Gradually, such an attitude towards the child can affect their relationship. Mom Taurus will perform a second role, and obey his child, and the child will begin to command the mother.

From a great love for a child, Taurus’s mother can put her child on expensive toys and gifts, which will eventually make him a materialist. To prevent this development, avoid surrounding your child with luxury goods. Buy children items that contribute to their development, for example, musical instruments, simulators, computers, etc. Instead of expensive clothes.

Taurus mother loves to fiddle with a newborn baby, but to older children can be treated with excessive severity, which can negatively affect the formation of their character. In the transition period, the mother is not at all easy to find an approach to her children, because she is completely incomprehensible teenage disobedience, the desire to express themselves, the egoism and nervousness of children. In addition, the eternal mess in things and clothes introduces a negative note in the relationship of adults and children. Taurus love stability, comfort, beauty and harmony, so they try to convey these qualities to their children.

Taurus Father

Father Taurus devotes a lot of free time to his children, forming in them a belief in inherent abilities, educating them in many ways, inspiring and supporting the positive beginnings of their offspring, teaching good manners, investing finances in the future of their children. This parent can occasionally be an arrogant, willing to indulge his desires and reconcile with his criteria for assessing what is happening.

As a father, Taurus serves his child as an example of purposefulness, reliability, perseverance, patience and tranquility. With their children, they are sincere and honest. Try to instill in children the same qualities. Father Taurus shows love and care to his child, for which he considers his father the best and easily takes an example from him.

However, along with the good qualities of the father, the child also takes advantage of his shortcomings. Such shortcomings of the father of Taurus can be - a constant pursuit of profit, prudence and avarice. Father Taurus should not forget that human qualities - kindness, love, care and others - should be valued above any material benefit. Otherwise, the child learn to love not only other people, but also his parents for what they gave him in material terms.

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