Aquarius Child — Taurus Parent

Aquarius does not resemble Taurus, it is full of brilliant ideas and is determined to do things differently than everyone does. In many respects, Taurus is oriented to everyday life affairs, it takes pleasure in putting them in order, but Aquarius attracts everything extraordinary, it always looks for something that is slightly different from the usual. Taurus is difficult to understand the need for Aquarius in freedom.

However, the Taurus is able to firmly hold the child on the ground, because Aquarius needs the protection of Taurus to grow successfully. Taurus will have to weaken the reins, otherwise Aquarius will feel suffocation. Aquarius should satisfy its craving for freedom, even if it seems completely unnecessary to practical Taurus.

Taurus Mother — Aquarius Child

A loving Taurus mom sometimes puzzles that her generally friendly Aquarius is trying to free herself from the warm maternal embrace. There is so much love in her, and Aquarius, despite his benevolence, can be quite alienated and even cold. This mother needs to understand that her child needs warmth and love no less than someone else, it’s just hard for him to tune in to such feelings and accept them.

Aquarius is sometimes a real little rebel, but a stubborn Taurus mom will not tolerate any stupidities! Each of them wants to do everything in his own way, so that from time to time there are serious conflicts between them. True, Aquarius is quite agreeable, and it can be persuaded with the help of logic and facts. In the end, the child will see the meaning in the arguments of the mother, because they are reasonable enough.

This mother respects traditions, and it is difficult for her to understand the lack of respect for authorities in Aquarius, as well as his dislike of the generally accepted. She believes in what she experienced, while he adores everything new. This mother does not need to take too much care of Aquarius, because this is a small researcher with a great desire for adventure.

Mom-Taurus can have an exaggerated sense of ownership and believe that the child will do everything as she thinks, because she wants for him only good. And she needs to give him the opportunity to find his own way in life. The fact that it is so good and comfortable for Taurus may not suit Aquarius at all, so it’s better to let him be himself. This mother is not too kinky, but you have to learn how to keep up with your energetic child! And she must be ready for his unexpected questions and infinite curiosity.

Aquarius is full of great ideas, and the mother will help him to figure out what is real, and that will remain only a fantasy. But to feed this child should not be too persistent, even if he does not eat very little. Aquarius is naturally thin and will be happy to remain such that Taurus is not always clear... Well, in general, it’s hard not to be happy next to the loving Tommy Mom, who surrounds her child with a homey feel and responds to all his desires.

Taurus Father — Aquarius Child

This dad likes to sit quietly in a cozy chair by the fireplace after a busy day. He prefers that everything should remain in its place, and does not want any storms in his house. But he will have to reconsider his habits, because his child-Aquarius is eager to change! He wants to know everything, to explore everything, he is constantly looking for adventure, he is full of various ideas - and he likes it all. So the restless Aquarius somewhat old-fashioned daddy-Taurus may seem like a terrible inhabitant.

Yet Aquarius will benefit greatly from the lessons of his father, because they have so much common sense! Taurus helps Aquarius to concentrate, without scattering everything, because he suddenly comes to mind. Aquarius is original and original, while Taurus is respectable, but very common. He does not always approve of some strange friends of his stubborn child and generally believes that Aquarius, arguing with him, deviates from the generally accepted rules. Nevertheless, the firmness of the father can stop Aquarius, who decided to do everything in his own way, as a reasonable Taurus will be able to show his offspring that everything has its limit.

The father must restrain himself and never go into a rage. Common sense and logic work much better than rough scenes, especially if your child is Aquarius. This is all the more important in the difficult time of the transitional age, when there is a lot of misunderstanding between the Aquarius teenager and his father. Here, Taurus should try to resolve disputes as tactfully as possible.

Father values life, comfort and material prosperity, but Aquarius prefers to live in a world of ideas. He wants his father to join him, whereas Taurus hopes that Aquarius will at least settle down sometime. And yet they will learn to agree with each other, because Taurus is endowed with a tender soul and sensitivity, and Aquarius can not help but notice that the father cares for him and wants him well.

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