Capricorn Child — Taurus Parent

In many ways, Taurus parents provide a stable environment in which Capricorn feels like the seventh heaven. Although some children begin to rebel, faced with the firmness of Taurus and its adherence to the rules, Capricorn next to Taurus will feel comfortable and confident. Capricorn does not have to be reminded, and Taurus likes when their family life goes like clockwork. Taurus parent is a reliable support for Capricorn.

Raised by Taurus will not immediately encounter the manifestations of signs of fire, water and air, and therefore, being in a society of people living in a completely different plane, he is shocked. He understands: not everyone is cleaning up for themselves and thinking before they commit an act.

Taurus Mother — Capricorn Child

The Capricorn-child will feel warm and cozy with his mother Taurus. She wants everything in her house to be reliable, quiet and earthly practical. Someone this way of life may seem somewhat limited, but not Capricorn. He loves his home and enjoys the feeling of stability and the fact that he is taken care of.

Both of them are sure that the only way to well-being is hard work, and the mother encourages Capricorn’s serious attitude toward learning. These two do not have time for dreams - they were both born under the signs of the earth and simply have to be practical!

This does not mean that they are boring personalities: both are not without humor and are capable of jokes. Outwardly they are quite serious, but each of them has a really kind heart. They are united by love for animals, and both will do everything possible to help their loved ones.

Little Capricorn needs love, but he never asks for it. It’s good that Taurus’s mother has enough warmth to warm her too-reserved child. And she realizes that Capricorn always needs certainty, because she always wants to know what is expected of her.

These two admire the determination and penetrating power of each other, but little Capricorn will not tolerate if all this is directed at him. Even if Mom-Taurus begins to put pressure on him, he will stubbornly stand on his own. This child, albeit unconsciously, prefers traditional upbringing, which quite coincides with my mother’s views. And Taurus is not surprised that the little Capricorn looks so grown-up and serious. Well, the child is happy that they understand him so well...

Taurus Father — Capricorn Child

Family Taurus daddy is glad that his serious Capricorn also appreciates comfort and well-being, and Capricorn likes that he has such a sensible, practical parent that you can always rely on. The father is proud of his child, because Capricorn understands what responsibility is. He treats his little Capricorn with tender love, and he feels that he is loved and taken care of.

Taurus, like Capricorn, appreciates certainty, but they should not become slaves to their own habits. Why not come up with something unusual to make little Capricorn guess at what’s going to happen to him? And it’s sometimes useful for the father to be not too balanced and calm! Taurus should understand that both have a certain amount of energy and that Capricorn needs to rest on time. True, we must see to it that he does not get lazy, as it sometimes happens with Taurus himself. Gymnastics will be the best here, and the father should serve as an example, because it is also useful to him.

Like Taurus, Capricorn has good business acumen and a practical mind and can eventually fit perfectly into the family business. He shares his father’s interest in music and art, just as he loves the past and is mistrustful of everything that is too modern. In addition, they both hate talkers: this couple prefers people who are reliable and practical, like themselves.

Taurus will help Capricorn develop his abilities and teach him to achieve success with his work. He will try to give the child all that is needed, helping to take the right start in life, which is what makes Capricorn self-confident, and therefore happy.

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