Gemini Child — Taurus Parent

This is not a very good combination. Twins tend to express ideas, and Taurus is more concerned about practical matters. From the point of view of the life goal, the Twins are eager to participate in communication, they have something to say. And the goal of Taurus’s life is to maintain, store and organize resources in the best possible way.

Like any two people born under the neighboring signs of the astrological circle, having studied the whole horoscope of birth. Gemini and Taurus find out that there is something in common between them. So, with close examination, it can become clear that there is more in common than it seems at first glance. In addition, the signs of Taurus and Gemini represent the necessary balance for each other. "All these ideas are not bad," retorts Taurus, "but how will they turn out to be in action?" The twin answers: "In any case, you can learn something new, so let’s not forget about flexibility." In the relationship of the child and the parents, the energy of these two signs causes long-term friction before they begin to understand each other.

Taurus Mother — Gemini Child

The impatient Gemini runs around in circles around his mother. Sometimes even she, Taurus, does not have enough patience for this, and she wants him to take a little rest, giving her the chance to take a breath. Gemini is willing to do six things at the same time, although the mother always tells him to focus on one thing. But, probably, she will have to learn to tolerate his stormy activity - with Gemini different and does not happen.

Taurus mother is not very talkative, but her Gemini is so versatile that compared to him she feels tongue-tied. And what are the answers to all these endless questions! Of course, she tries as best she can, after all she’s still a Taurus...

At the mother the child-Gemini could learn much. She has a huge supply of vitality and enough determination to achieve her goal. She is distinguished by patience and attention to others, tranquility, reliability and ability to appreciate what she has. Well, Gemini is not very patient, loves change and dreams that one day his mother would do something unexpected! He is so fond of new things and fascinating conversations, and she seems to be more interested in the comfort in the house and the shopping list than what is going on in his head.

Sometimes Mom-Taurus can get so tired from her restless Gemini that her patience will burst and she will lose her temper. I must say that seriously enough! And the child would not hurt to know that his caresses and obedience would have been just a magical action here, but Gemini is not very eager to show his feelings. It’s a pity! To Taurus mother is worth caressing...

Sometimes the mother herself wants to become as quick and slightly frivolous as her little Gemini. She tries to be close to him, she gives him everything that she can, from love to material possibilities. And he needs to be given more freedom, accepting him as he is, even if he does not always understand what that means.

Taurus Father — Gemini Child

From Taurus is a very kind father who tries to provide a small Gemini with the very best. And although the child with all its immediacy can joke about the practicality and old-fashioned thoroughness of Taurus, but the day will come when Gemini will thank him for his constant care for him and for being that unshakable rock that was a reliable support for the sometimes frivolous Gemini.

Life for Taurus consists primarily of material things. Father believes that they should have a reliable home, where the atmosphere of comfort, comfort, warmth and love should reign, and all this fits Gemini. But the father can have too much control - this Gemini is less comfortable. In addition, he does not believe that because of the child it is necessary to change the invariable order of life. Well, he will have to adjust, because his child, born under the sign of Gemini, seeks to turn the house upside down, forcing relatives to look at everything new. Change is the favorite word of Gemini, so that it may have clashes with the father, who want consistency.

Taurus likes to sit in his favorite chair by the fireplace, enjoying peace. Of course, it will irritate Gemini, always busy with some trifles and unable to sit in one place. It is better if the father sets a task for him, or even three, to focus his attention on something.

Papa-Taurus can direct Gemini’s nervous energy in the right direction and can help him in choosing a suitable profession. He will teach his child to reasonably look at his opportunities, because in order to make dreams come true, sometimes one must descend from heaven to earth.

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