Leo Child — Taurus Parent

Taurus like simple everyday joys. Taurus appreciates restraint and naturalness, as indicators of honesty and earthiness. The Leo likes to deal crushing blows, to appear under the sounds of fanfare, accompanied by fluttering banners. The Leo prefers that everything around him be an exciting, special and riveting glance. Therefore, with this combination, there is a collision between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Taurus finds it difficult to reconcile with the need of the Lion to sing and dance - because, in Taurus’s view, there is absolutely no need to demonstrate his talents and attract attention to himself. But the Lion feels alive only when he is noticed.

In fact, sometimes any kind of attention for Leo is better than nothing. Therefore, he will climb out of the skin, just to make you look at him. Waving a red rag is not the worst of the tricks he will take to get rid of the usually peaceful bull. Parents-Taurus can wait patiently for the little Leo to "outgrow" childhood habits, but wait for them all their life: because the need to express itself in Leos does not pass with age. Leo will not get rid of childhood habits, even in old age, so Taurus will be best placed in comfortable chairs and look closely - who knows, maybe they will like the spectacle.

Taurus Mother — Leo Child

Serene and affectionate Taurus mother loves his benevolent little Leo, although his commanding tone sometimes puzzles her. Yes, she is not opposed to doing everything possible for her outstanding child, and allows him a lot. She is very patient, but one day she will understand that all this has gone too far and she is not going to run errands!

Well, that sometimes happens, otherwise the Lion can grow up believing that all people should be in his service. Next to the Taurus mother, he becomes more reasonable and gratefully feels that he is loved and that he is well in this cozy home, which his mother cares about. Both of them are not going to deny themselves anything and will certainly enjoy together delicious food or beautiful trinkets.

Mom should be sure that her active child gets everything necessary and that no opportunity is left unattended. Although Mama-Taurus herself is rather lazy, her child needs incentives so that he can realize everything that is laid in him. So get ready, Mom, and try not to miss anything. Your Leo refers to those creative personalities who need freedom, so when thinking about what you will do, do not deprive him of initiative, do not crush him with your love and home affairs. And always set it up for success - it so needs encouragement!

Try to develop his propensity to dreaminess: this is how his best ideas are born. Mother Taurus often feels that dreaming is just wasting time. She herself is busy with very earthly things and does not build air locks, but her child really needs his imagination to work!

Help him if he begins to show interest in art, literary creation or wants to play on any musical instrument - all this will help his self-expression. Mother does not need to hope that eventually he will become a calm, intelligent person like herself. Wisdom for him is the result of creativity, and not of earthly experience, so that the mother will have to understand that everyone has his own way of finding meaning in life.

Over time, Leo can become too crowded in the parents’ home - he decides that all these traditions only connect him. And he, especially in turbulent youthful years, can tell his mother that she is old-fashioned. And she will have to teach him to become calm, encouraging his frankness and attention to others. Taurus mother will be proud of her child, because he has a generous heart. And how happy it all those gifts that he will give her! Well, who, except Leo, could do this with such warmth and enthusiasm?

Taurus Father — Leo Child

Balanced daddy-Taurus enjoys spending money on his little Lion, especially since the child likes it so much! Perhaps they will go shopping together, and a practical father will try to make sure that his child has chosen everything he needs.

Both love their home. Taurus will try to be warm and reliable in it, so that the basis for everything is a once and for all established order. It is here that the little Leo will learn about sanity and the rules of behavior and the basics of life, without which one can not become a respected member of society. Sometimes Leo, like a true child of fire, will try to escape from this reasonably ordered life, but Taurus simply needs to leave him space for free breathing, not trying to fight against the fact that his Leo child is full of ideas that do not always make sense to spend your energy. Sometimes a father can not cope with a little Leo and becomes too strict, trying to hide his irritation in this way. In addition, he believes that Leo is trying too hard to attract attention to himself and does not really understand the serious aspects of being.

Taurus does not have such an optimistic view of life as his child. He has periods of longing and pessimism, which Leo simply do not understand. He does not have time for spleen, and he tries to cheer his father in every way to get him out of this mood. Full of optimism and self-confidence Leo believes that life needs to live brightly, but otherwise why is it?

Stubborn Pope Taurus, despite his severity, is ready to help his child in every possible way, listen to him, understand his problems and give very practical advice. True, it is difficult for him to tune in to the wave of Leo, because he has a too developed sense of responsibility. However, lepers of the little Leo often touch him, and he gives him gifts that become the envy of friends.

Father will teach Leo some very necessary lessons, teaching him patience and the ability to translate his ideas into reality. He will also teach his open and honest Lion not to be too gullible to outsiders and will show him how to achieve those goals that his Leo child puts before him.

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