Libra Child — Taurus Parent

Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony, and therefore there is a close relationship between them. The Libra glide smoothly through life, but have you ever seen a sliding Taurus? Taurus is the sign of the earth, therefore, it is firmly attached to the material world, and yet it is not alien to beauty in practical matters.

Of course, the Libra child enjoys the comfort that Taurus creates. They both love luxury. Managed by Venus, Taurus does not want to turn the house into a war zone. In his opinion, conflicts are an unreasonable waste of time, and Libra shares this conviction. But, despite its charm, Libra is able to deprive Taurus of patience. Taurus moves slowly, but knows where it goes and why. And Libra shifts on the spot and look as if they can change the course at any moment.

Taurus Mother — Libra Child

A warm Taurus mother is full of love for his child, protects him from everything he thinks is superfluous, and does not mind if the child wants to relax once more. She herself is glad of this opportunity. But behind her cozy appearance hides the desire for strict discipline, and therefore Libra will not be able to escape from anything too long. So you’ll have to return to boring lessons or an unfulfilled task...

Taurus can not tolerate confrontation. This mother is uncomfortable when her child begins to be capricious. But she knows that she can overcome Libra and insist on her own, she does not hold stubbornness and perseverance. She will see to it that he fully complies with her orders, and it is unlikely that her Libra baby will grow soft and spoiled. Although, of course, he may not be as adventurous as he could be, having such a mom next to him! She is cautious, reasonable, practical, and her whole life is somehow connected with the house. She cooks amazingly, but she will have to follow the weight of her offspring, because this child is as gourmet as she is.

Taurus mom establishes in the house (and in life) such orders, which leave no place for chance. This gives Libra a sense of security and helps to organize your day: what can there be unfulfilled homework? True, the mother should not overly care for her child. Public life needs Libra as air, and the baby just needs to meet more people and visit. Usually, to the delight of the mother, this child is charm itself, but she can lose patience with him when he starts to show his dislike or try to manipulate people. The mother will require the child "decent" traditional behavior and make Libra quite a sharp reprimand.

Her life lessons are so reasonable, and she herself is a good role model, so that all this will undoubtedly benefit her child. Such a mother will create a reliable and comfortable home, from where he can begin his journey into society. And even becoming an adult and independent, he can not stay too long away from the aromas of home cooking and a crispy crust pie, which is famous for his mother Taurus.

Taurus Father — Libra Child

The Taurus dad likes an orderly, quiet life with its once and for all established traditions. He loves home comfort, where it is so nice to relax. Libra, I must say, also like to relax once more, and sometimes it turns into laziness. The father must see to it that his child has no reason to do nothing. A child born under the sign of Libra must be pushed in time, lifted, forced to move, act, meet people.

Taurus is kind and caring towards those he loves, but he may seem gloomy and restrained to someone who does not like him. Libra, on the other hand, seem to be the very charm of almost everyone. This child has pleasant manners and a charming smile, and he easily finds friends. However, from time to time he refuses to show his charm.

Like his father, the Libra child does not like confrontation. Sometimes he just does not show his discontent, continuing to behave as if nothing had happened. But the Taurus father is more sensitive to the emotions of his child than it seems. He will try once again to embrace him and gently ask him to tell us about his worries.

Libra likes to reflect on any decision before accepting it: this child never does anything in a hurry. Taurus immediately thinks through everything, immediately makes a firm decision, begins to act and ends the work. He can not understand why Libra needs so much time to come to some sort of result. So the father will bring a lot of benefit to his child if he can give him some of his common sense. Libra needs to learn how to make decisions, and the patient father-Taurus is exactly the person who would help him do it.

Such a father enjoys buying wonderful things for the house. Libra also loves beautiful things, but Libra lacks that strong desire for their acquisition, which is different Taurus. You can after all enjoy things without coming to despair from the fact that they do not belong to you!

The child-Libra grows happy in a warm and comfortable house, for the sake of which the father works so hard. True, in his youth, with their rebelliousness and rejection of authorities, he can consider that his father is somewhat old-fashioned and new ideas are not available to him. But when he grows up, he will appreciate the warmth and wise advice of his father, his devotion and… his such reliable old-fashion.

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