Pisces Child — Taurus Parent

Despite the fact that Taurus is a peaceful and good nature, he can neglect the sensitivity of other people. This is because Taurus finds a practical solution for his problems, rather than immersing himself in the world of emotions. From the point of view of Taurus, any failure can be experienced through good food or sound sleep, and he does not understand that Pisces sometimes swim too far into emotional waters and not immediately able to return to firm ground. Pisces needs a guiding thread, and Taurus can stand on the shore, slowly and patiently winding this thread on the reel.

Taurus is busy regulating his life, and Pisces sail into the country of dreams. Their imagination is so strong that they can swim with their eyes open, and Taurus will need to be careful not to step on the elves that Pisces see in the depths of the garden. But the Pisces not only see the elves - they "know" what the surrounding feel, thanks to their subtle intuition, and they give you a hand when they understand without words that you have become lonely.

Taurus Mother — Pisces Child

Taurus mother with her warmth and cordiality pours so much love on her Fish that even this sensitive child does not doubt that he is adored. Mom-Taurus understands how much her love means for little Pisces, and knows what is needed for this. This child has much more imagination than his practical mother, and he needs new acquaintances and impressions. Nothing to keep him at home for long. - Pisces must study the world.

Mama-Taurus loves a quiet, orderly way of life and will not drive her child, allowing him to develop at his own pace. Mother will be able to help him to focus, to look deeper and achieve real success. She will teach her Fish good manners, but do not expect that she will immediately learn all the strict rules or become neat.

This couple hates quarrels, but if the conflict reaches the limit, both can explode. Well, the reason for this is enough: for example. The fish can quite speak untruth, persuading the mother to believe her… Both Fish and Taurus love nature. They also treat the food with the same interest, and since Mom-Taurus also cooks well, both will have to watch their weight. Both of them have a sense of humor, but my mother, knowing the emotional vulnerability of Pisces, will try not to hurt her.

Obviously, the mother will want to have everything in her family "as it should", and it can be upsetting that the grown up child does not hurry to take on the responsibilities of an adult. And he is one of those vagrant dreamers who do not so easily bind themselves with these bonds. Still, these two will love each other very much, which means they will be able to solve all their problems. In addition, there will not be too many problems!

Taurus Father — Pisces Child

Taurus dad is truly devoted to his family, so that little Pisces feels with him in full well-being. And although sometimes it is a little harsh, the child knows that essentially his father is a very kind person who understands everything and wants only good for his relatives.

Taurus has a lot of patience, but he can lose his temper if he is under pressure. Of course, he must think about how this will affect the little Fish. Although, we must admit that Taurus is rather quick-witted and will always find what to do to soften children’s tears. By the way, Pisces herself can calm her father, if his mood is bad.

Taurus teaches the child to show more common sense, wants him to behave properly. And I must say that he tries very hard to please his father. True, it sometimes turns out that Fish simply succumbs to Taurus, wanting to please him, and forgets about his own needs. But this sensitive personality can not be forced to anything - you just need to help her make the right choice.

The fish is more modern than its staid daddy-Taurus, who does not trust anything new, preferring what has been tested and proven reliable. The more mature the Pisces becomes, the more often she will start to act in her own way, considering her father a hopeless inhabitant.

The father must admit that his Pisces child has a greater imagination and intuition than he himself. He needs to support his attempts at self-expression in his work and to understand with understanding that his child may want to become an artist, an actor or a musician. The father, of course, would prefer to see him in some more serious field of activity, but his child-Pisces is not out of breed too practical. It is better for the father to accept his child as they are, and then they will have a really good relationship.

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